Zombies Improvised Weapons

Part of the Zombies ruleset

Special Improvised Weapons:

Improvised Melee Weapon Damage Critical Damage Type Range Increment Size Weight
Aerosol & Lighter 1d6 fire 20 Fire 5 ft max Tiny 1 lb
Bottle 1d3 20 Bludgeoning then slashing 5 Tiny 1 lb
Bowling Ball 1d4 20 Bludgening 10 ft. (20 ft roll) Medium 5 lbs
Buzzsaw Blade 1d4 20 Slashing 15 ft. Small 1 lb.
Nailgun (battery operated) 1d10 20 Piercing 10 Medium 12 lbs.
Water Pistols N/A N/A Special See text Small

Aerosol and Lighter
Everyone’s favourite home-made flame thrower. Only effective up to five feet, but deals 1d6 fire damage.
If a bottle breaks, it becomes a broken bottle rather than useless.
Bowling Ball
If properly bowled (on an uncluttered, flat and hard surface) a creature hit by a bowling ball must make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack roll) or be knocked prone.
Broken Bottle
These deal 1d3 damage. Any character with armour of any kind is dealt only 1 damage on a successful attack.
Buzzsaw Blade
A character using this weapon in melee takes 1d2 damage every turn unless they wear heavy gloves. If thrown, this weapon deals 1d4 damage.
Glass Shard
A character using this weapon in melee takes 1 damage every turn unless they wear heavy gloves.
Nail Gun
A ranged weapon that normally has a range of 10 feet, deals 1d10 damage and normally has a ‘magazine’ of 50nails. It can also be set to shoot on autofire.
Water Pistols
Often stolen from small children to serve as holy water dispensers. A water pistol fires a 10-foot long line of water that deals no damage in itself, but will hit all creatures and objects in its path. No attack roll is necessary. Any creature caught in the line can make a Reflex save (DC 15)to avoid it completely. Creatures with cover get a bonus on their Reflex save

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