Rules Updates:
Uncapped skills are removed
Any character who suffers would points takes vitality damage as though their con were reduced by the same amount, fort saves are not effected.
Food is given in increments of 1 day's food equavalent = 3 cans under the old accounting system.

Skills working with dangerous materials (eg. chemicals, explosives) automatically fail on a 1. This may waste materials but is not automaticaly dangerous.
If it is not possible for a character to fail their save by more than 5 on a failure roll an additional D20, if this roll is also a failure (or a one) the materials they are working with cause an explosion or similar hazard.

This section of the site is dedicated to the Zombies mini campaign, summer 2012


Zombie apocalypse sandbox tabletop role playing game mini-campaign

This game will be alot like: 28 Days Later, I am Legend, Walking Dead

Primary emphasis on survival, secondary emphasis on suspense/horror.

Anticipated run: 1-4 sessions

Rules are Derived from:

D20 Modern by WotC
OGL horror by mongoose publishing (some feats, Horror mechanics on p 148)
With elements adopted from the Pathfinder RPG such as: Perception, Stealth, Combat Manuevers, and Class Skills.


This zombie game is post-apocalyptic, political correctness was one of the earliest casualties when the world ended.
PC infighting (social and/or physical) is expected, player on player violence (IRL) is however still frowned upon.
There will be zombie violence/gore and character deaths are expected and/or inevitable, don't get attached.
Models will not be up to my usual standard, my collection is not modern.

Starting point in Game:
The badly looted Safeway on Kingsway in Vancouver, Oct 28th 2012 roughly one month after the government stopped broadcasting.
First meet details June 29th 2012, 6:00 My Place.

Character Creation

  1. Decide on a survival Motto from the list and e-mail me with it: your character's motto will quasi-randomly determine your starting equipment and may grant some special abilities.
  2. Pick a Challenge Trait (impacts your survivability and group dynamic)
  3. Allocate Stats: 12 point buy using PFRPG table. (No you may not roll for stats)
  4. Pick a Class: Combatant (eg. soldier/thug) Scholar (eg. researcher/librarian) Expert (eg. Doctor/engineer), or Survivor (anyone else) NPC Ordinary Person (eg. mother, busboy)
  5. Figure out your stats as a level one, two, or three character (your choice)
  6. Pick an occupation
  7. Select your skills and feats based on your class selection and level
  8. Select your name, gender, ethnicity, age etc.
  9. Write it all down

Important Note: You are welcome to make characters even if you're not able to play, I need a metric oodle of BCs (see below)

Principal Characters (PCs): Every player controls one principal character so long as they are alive, the principal characters are the leaders in the group upon whom the action centers and who are entrusted to make the tough decisions. Players may cede their leadership role to a new backup character when they join the group or once during any session to an existing backup character.

Backup Characters (BCs): Every survivor accompanying the party or rescued in the campaign becomes a backup character, if a PC perishes or leaves the group a Backup character is promoted to PC status. Backup characters generally follow the lead of the party, participate little in combats, but must be fed.

Wealth: Barter system, Cans of food are becoming the defacto currency of this bleak new world.
Advancement: Survive a session, gain a level.

Special Rules:

  • Horror from OGL Horror P148
  • Vitality Points from 3.5 D&D
  • Armor as Damage Reduction
  • Uncapped skills: a character with an uncapped skill may purchase twice their level in skill ranks in that skill
  • When in doubt figure it'll be handled using the Pathfinder RPG mechanic.

New Feats

Skill Mastery
Prerequisites: Skill Focus
Effect: Chose one skill you have improved with the skill focus feat, that skill is uncapped for you.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, it applies to a separate skill each time.

Modern and Improvised Armor
Improvised Weapons
Grapple Flowcharts from d20pfsrd

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