Zaomancy is a category of magic which was highly controversial in Auldelia. Most Zaomancy spells are of the transmutation school but there are exceptions, it has two primary Diciplines:

  • Zaomantic enlivening concerns the animation of the inanimate
  • Zaomantic Sculpting entails the modification of living beings, in Auldelian terminology creatures such as the

In both disciplines forming persistent creatures that serve their arcane master are a common goal and most Zeomancers of old would travel with a cadre of constructs or bizare pets. Spells such as polymorph that completely alter the form of a creature are not considered to be Zaomantic, nor are spells that restore a semblance of life to a dead creature.

The holy grail of Zaomancy was said to be to the creation of a sentient and fecund form of life from scratch, a feat considered by many to be the sole province of the Gods.

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