Wormwood Crew
Name Gender & Race Job Attitude Notes
Bornabas Haelghas male orc captain hostile
Grok female half-orc quartermaster helpful (10)
Mister Plugg male human first mate hostile
Peppery Longfarthing female human sailing master hostile old friend of Bornabas
Riaris Krine female human master gunner hostile
Master Scourge male human boatswain hostile
Hablig Gorn, the “Stitchman” male orc ship’s surgeon
and carpenter
Ambrose Croop male human cook helpful
Kipper male human gunner’s mate hostile bootlicker for Plugg and Scourge
Patch Patchsalt female gnome boatswain’s mate hostile sycophant of Plugg and Scourge
Daygin Limberger male dwarf cook *helpful monk
Fips Chumlitt male human rigger hostile fat , libidinous
Maheem male half-orc rigger hostile
Slippery Syl Lonegan female half-orc rigger hostile
Tam "Narwhal" Tate male dwarf rigger hostile friend of Scourge
Conchobar male halfling rigger helpful (6) singer
"Ratline" Radborgorgh male orc rigger helpful (6)
"Inkheart" male half-orc rigger *helpful bard-barbarian
"Badger" Gnedlorth female orc swab friendly (11)
Shivkah female half-orc swab indifferent (7)
Aretta Bansion female human swab hostile
Crimson Cogward male human swab friendly (11)
Githalg Dib female orc swab helpful (4)
Jack scrimshaw male human swab helpful (5)
Jaundice Jape male half-orc swab helpful (5)
Dilith Bracheth female orc swab helpful (4)
Rosie Cusswell female halfling swab helpful (3) fierce
Grolfindreg male half-orc swab *helpful oracle
"Card" male human swab *helpful sorceror
Sandra Quinn female human swab helpful priestess
“Caulky” Tarroon female human - hostile captain’s cabin girl
Owlbear Hartshorn male half-orc - hostile simpleton and “pet” of Plugg
Jakes Magpie male human swab deceased
Barefoot Samms female human rigger deceased
Stats 58% male
42% female
42% human
24% half-orc
18% orc
6% dwarf
6% halfling
3% gnome
45% helpful
3% friendly
6% indifferent
6% unfriendly
42% hostile
* Player-characters are considered helpful for the time being
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