4.07 Walking Away

This post is written from Varden’s point of view without knowledge of Taylar’s departure from the forest clearing or the depth of their insult to him. Varden has no idea about the “burning the forest” plan or the reason behind the binge.
May it also be noted that Dennis respects and likes Phil a great deal.

These thoughts are going through Varden’s head as he’s walking away from the Elven encampment.

What is he thinking? That stupid jerk.

The elves will change the dwarves back from stone for us – but only if we’re not there, and Taylar decides to stay there. They’re elves that have seen the coming and going of civilizations, and he thinks he can hide from them? Ridiculous. At least Zinny was invited to stay. Can he not see that by staying they may not help Tam and Graster; and worse yet, he risks making enemies of the elves?

I swear Taylar can’t see past the end of his nose. Yeah, he finds treasure, but half of it he keeps for himself. His selfishness is going to be the end of him someday. I see how he’s good to have around in a tight spot, but is it really worth him around the rest of the time? The Amici may be better without him. How such an uncivilized, aggravating, and infuriatingly selfish little thug can have any redeeming qualities is beyond me.

Maybe I should give him a taste of his own medicine. Perhaps if the elves show him just how selfish he is, he’ll come to his senses.

These thoughts are going through Varden’s head as he’s walking away from Taylar’s jail cell.

What is he thinking? That stupid jerk.

The elves must have really done a number on him for him to react in that way, but maybe it’s for the best. Maybe he’s now learned that it’s best to think about the rest of the team occasionally, instead of always about himself. He probably likes Tam because she helped him out of Landsbreak. He probably respects Graster because of his healing abilities. The same probably goes for IzunZin. He probably tolerates me because I stand up for myself and take the time to explain things to him when he has questions. But it’s always Taylar first.

Maybe the elves made him feel ashamed of his actions, and shame is a new emotion for him. That’s probably why we didn’t see him slink back into town. That’s also probably why he got so drunk – to drown his emotions in the drink.

Maybe I should go talk to him and see if I can clarify things for him, poor guy.

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