Volent are a subset of humanity born with wings. The name of the race is an archaic terms meaning winged men; Volent is both a singular or plural term. Volent are descendants of the high priests of Ashaneron in Auldelia whos bodies were blessed for their service but few take to the priestly duties now that their sponsor nation was torn asunder by strive in the last millennium. Elsewhere in the world volent are rare to the extent that some sages have mistakenly relegated them to the category of pure myth. Volent are reclusive yet occasionally lone wanderer break from their secluded glades in the deep forests of Auldelia. These are exceptional youngsters bent on an instinctual quest to prove themselves and return to their people either with riches and wisdom, or not at all.

Racial Traits:

  • +2 Dex, Volent are nimble and are usually quite quick on their feet.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, volent have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed Volent base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Low-Light Vision: Volent can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retains the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Skills: Volent gain a rank in the fly skill at first level and gain one additional rank whenever they gain a level. Fly is always considered a class skill for Volent.
  • Glide (Ex): Volent may glide to traverse horizontal distances and negate falling damage. For every 5 feet down the he may travel up to 20 feet forward on the wing. While he may not hover (initially) he may travel downward at as little as 10 feet per round. They may not glide (or fly) while carrying more than a light load. If rendered unconscious while airborne a volent wing’s will slow his fall sufficiently to take one quarter normal falling damage.
  • Short Flight (Ex) Upon reaching his fifth character level a Volent may use their wings to fly for short distances at Speed 30 Average Maneuverability. He may fly for up to his con modifier in rounds thereafter he must rest for five minutes. If he flies for longer he must make a fort save every round (DC number of rounds flown) or become fatigued. Once fatigued he needs to make no further fort checks to continue flying until he has flown for more than twice his con modifier. He must then save each round or become exhausted and be forced to land immediately. In any event he may remain in flight for a maximum of 10 minutes per day, any more than this and he automatically becomes fatigued (or exhausted if already fatigued). Time spent gliding does not count against the limit of number of rounds he may spend flying. Given sufficient height he may even rest for the requisite five minutes while gliding.
  • Dive (Ex) Volent may make a aerial charge with a piercing weapon. The distance traveled downward must be at least 10 feet and the lateral distance must be at least 10 feet. At the conclusion of such a charge the Volent deals double damage if he succeeds at hitting his target. (lances have no particular effect on a dive attack)
  • Flight (Ex) Upon reaching his 10th character level a volent is no longer inherently fatigued by flight. Flying becomes merely as tiring to the volent as ground movement.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). See the Speak Language skill.
  • Favored Class: The favored class of volent is cleric or sorcerer. This choice must be made at 1st level and cannot be changed.
  • Unlike normal humans volent do not receive an additional feat at first level.
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