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Character History

Varden (talking to a hawk that happened to perch next to him atop a rocky outcropping)

You may wonder, friend, what it is that I'm doing out here in these woods, and not at home in my aerie with the rest of my family.
The answer is reasonable, if a little complex: last year my feathers and eyes turned grey. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but this caused great consternation in my clan, as the last person with wings that were anything but brown and black was Arkarom. He was the hero who led our clan and countless others into the eastern woods to escape the magical cataclysms. He (like me) had light-coloured wings, and he (like me) was the first sorcerer in his family after many generations of clerics.
These similarities, along with a few other minor ones not listed, have caused the council of clan chiefs to kick me out of the forest.
It seems that Arkarom was one of the last of the Volanti to go through the Trial of the Tempest. The idea was that as you started to be able to use your wings and choose your destiny, you would go out into the world, make friends of other races and battle fearsome enemies. When the Volanti went into seclusion, they obviously stopped sending people out into the world, as that would defeat the purpose.
Many in the council believe that my arrival marks the time to re-emerge into the world. I am not to return until I have gained full use of my wings, but upon my return I will be given the title Speaker to the Winds - a position once held by Arkarom and long since left vacant. If I do not return, my people will continue to live hidden in the woods until the next possible Speaker emerges.
As I left, (as is tradition) nobody watched me leave, but I was given this piece of advice. In the mountains to the west lives a witch with the power to read people's destinies by feeling their skulls. I am to find her (if she still lives), and ask her to do this for me.
So, hawk, now I've been stuck in this forest for four days. You find me sitting on a high rock trying to find my bearings. I don't suppose you want to go west with me? At least you could show me where west is.
The Hawk hops off the outcropping and glides to a nearby nest, which Varden hadn't seen before.
I guess you have other plans, thanks anyways.

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