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Location: Lowmeadow

HräshHläng was quickly recruited to help build homes for the Mazavian refugees outside of Lowmeadow. They began his work days doing mostly grunt work, hauling around stone timber, and other supplies, but once the construction progressed, they began to be asked to do such things their height gave them advantage, like nailing together rafters. Which require a little of verbal co-ordination for an ettin.

Hläng: okay, you hold the nail, there, Hräsh, and I'll hit it with my hammer.

Hräsh props up the nail, and waits for Hläng to take aim. Hläng swings, and the hammer slips off the nail head and crunches into Hräsh's thumb.

Hräsh: KRRReeeeiiiii!! You're supposed to hit the nail, not my thumb!

Hläng: Sorry! Sorry! Here, I'll hold it, and you try.

They switch positions and try again. This time Hräsh doesn't even hit the nail, but connect the hammer soundly to Hläng's thumb.

Hläng: OOOOOOOooowwwww!! You did that on purpose!

Hräsh: No I didn't! But now you know what it feels like. Your turn.

Hläng takes the hammer, still grumbling. They bend down to pick up a new nail, and standing, accidentally try to stand on oppisite sides of the horizontal beam, Thudding the space between their necks on the beam, and clocking Hräsh's ear onto it's side.

After a few more expletives, the pair return to the task of nailing the rafters to the beam. Back into the original position, Hläng finally connects the hammer to the nail head. However, that particular nail must have had a waek spot, or hit a know on the other side of the rafter, as it proceeded to drive into the lumber only half-way before bending and pinching Hräsh's forefinger to the rafter.

The sounds of yelling and cursing finally attract the foreman, who comes in to relieve them from their current position.

Foreman: Okay, um, how would you two like to instead of doing the nailing, head on over to the next building and hold up the ceiling beams while the others in the crew secure them in place?

Hräsh, wrenching his hand free from the building, adds: That's probably a good idea. By the way, you wouldn't happen to have a healer on the crew, would you?

HräshHläng: Chris

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