3.07 Under Athal City
Location: Athal City

Holed up deep under Athal City, Hräsh and Hläng contemplate the perils their homeland faces.

Hläng: Hräsh, when do you think we'll be able to go home?

Hräsh: Home? What home?

Hläng: Well, Dachoen, I guess.

Hräsh: We can't go back there. Were'nt you paying attention? The Ludimarites control Dachoen now. All the orcs are dead, or worse, zombies. Well, except for Haudhlagh.

Hläng: All of them, dead?

Hräsh: Probably. Well, I suppose some on the ships may have escaped. And I don't suppose they killed all the orcs on Sáregris [Sarthorn], just those in Dachoen.

Hläng: I guess so.

Hräsh: They will probably strike Chormbach [Cormuk] soon; then they will control most of Sáregris [Sarthorn]

Hläng: What are we going to do about it?

Hräsh: Do? What can we do about it? An army of undead is marching across our homeland, Hläng. There's not much we can do about it.

Hläng: So we're not going to do anything?

Hräsh: I didn't say that. Of course we're going to do something.

Hläng: What can we do then?

Hräsh: I don't know. Maybe we can get help to Chormbach.

Hläng: From where?

Hräsh: Maybe from Laurandh [Lurand]; it's nearby and Count Hanel might be concerned Laurandh would be next in a Ludimarite invasion of the Teeth. Or maybe even Chathroen [Kothreon].

Hläng: Not if they find out we used to raid their trading ships.

Hräsh: That was the law of the seas.

Hläng: Well we won't tell them that.

HräshHläng: Chris

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