3.14 Trust Is A Sticky Thing
Location: The Channel Druia

CÆLUM looks around to make sure that Ravinien is asleep below decks on Frostbane before findind his friend HräshHläng on one of the Dromonds.

CÆLUM: I smell something fishy

HLÄNG, sniffing around the air, while steadying himself with the mainmast, amidship's on the dromond's xylocastle: It always smells like that; we're at sea.

CÆLUM: (grunts and looks directly at Hräsh) Have you asked Ravinien about why he came on this little excursion? I'm sure it wasn't for his health.

HRÄSH: No, I haven't. I presume it's because he was sent by Shimin.

CÆLUM: Shimin's been doing a lot of "sending" others around lately, hasn't he.

HRÄSH, considering that for a moment, "I suppose so, but since he seems to be the main organising force behind the World-runners, he would have to be doing alot of sending."

HLÄNG starts picking at a wad of tar on the mainmast.

CÆLUM: Why would someone who has the obvious skills and powers that Ravinien has want to go on on a mission for Shimin to babysit us.

HLÄNG: Shimin's babysitting us?

CÆLUM: We could have taken these dragons on our own, and Ravinien would have been a better resource back on the island.

HRÄSH: What have you against Shimin, now? He's rescued all our lives. And Ravinien's. There's not much else of good Ravinien knows in this world besides us and Shimin. I think Shimin sent him to help us, and because he already knows us.

CÆLUM: Shimin obviously sent him here to get him out of his hair (metaphorically).

HLÄNG: What would Ravinien do on the island? There's not much fighting to do there.

CÆLUM: I would think that he would be better used as an intelligence specialist, or as a tactician in headquarters as it were instead of out here in the field of battle.

HRÄSH: Seriously? A warrior like that?

HRÄSH seems to think a moment and then shakes his head, "No, Ravinien is not a leader. He always seeks our guidance, and follows our lead. Mostly your lead. He is a talented and disciplined warrior… not a tactitian. Besides, Shimin has never seemed to need much help at gathering information."

HLÄNG manages to pick the wad of tar free, and begins squishing it betweens his fingers.

CÆLUM: Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Ravinien, I respect his skills heed his advice, and admire his courage. Besides Starr likes him, and Grimy is an excellent judge of character … but

HRÄSH: But what?

CÆLUM: I can't shake the feeling that something more is going on here than we know about.

HLÄNG manages to get the softened pitch hopelessy stuck to his fingers, and begins to vainly try to rub it off back onto the mast.

HRÄSH: Of course there's more going on than we know about. We don't know everything that the Ludimarites are up to. We can only guess.

CÆLUM: I keep thinking the Church of Angelique should be taking more of an active role in the resistance

CÆLUM: what work am I missing out on doing for them while I'm doing all this for Shimin?

HRÄSH: They don't know what's going on. It's all so far away to them. If they'd been in Cormuk or Dachoen, or in MazaviKamest, even, then they'd know what evil is at work in the world. Who could do nothing once they knew that?

CÆLUM (laughs to himself and casts prestidigitation to clean off Hlang's hand): There was a temple of Angelique in Cormuk, that's how we were framed for being Ludimarites, remember? The Church is everywhere, from the tallest steeples to the faithful gathered underground.

HRÄSH: But only small temples here and there. The only clerics of Angelique with any real power are the priestesses in Meridian and the faithful in the East of Mazavi, and those of Mavazi are having their throats wrung by the Ludimarites.

CÆLUM: I'm just wondering if I wouldn't be more effective organizing the underground in Sadoth, or working with the resistance in Kamest or preparing the defences for Kathir.

HRÄSH: Wherever we're doing whatever to help fight the forces of the Ludimarites we're being useful; you're being useful. But right here, right now, we're the only ones doing this mission, and if we weren't, who would?

HLÄNG, emphatically: Well, he has me convinced!

CÆLUM: As Worldrunners, you're one wheel in a big machine, depending on all the other wheels in the machine to work right I'm just not sure it's in my nature to trust others to get their jobs done so I can do mine.

HRÄSH: Well, you've always trusted Starr to charge the enemy head on, trusted Hläng and me to guard your front and Nervosh to get your back. It's not that different.

CÆLUM: but I know you…

HRÄSH: You didn't always; and you can't know the whole world.

CÆLUM: Well, I just hope we can trust that Shimin's not hiding anything from us, or witholding any vital information. I know you do.

HRÄSH shrugs: I don't know what he's telling us and what he's not. Not everything's our business… all I know is what he does tell us is best not ignored.

CÆLUM: Not ignored, granted; but not questionned will be difficult. Anyways, I should probably get back to the other drummond and see if they need me, Hräsh. How are you doing, Hläng?

HLÄNG, somewhat distracted by the colour of his newly cleaned fingernails: Oh, I'm alright, Cælum, aren't I, Hräsh?

HRÄSH: You're doing fine, Hläng.

CÆLUM: Alright then, and just keep in mind that the only person who should be making decisions for you two is you two, okay? I'm going back to the other ship and I'm going to draw more of this scenery - it's breathtaking.

CÆLUM (airwalks away over the waves to the other boat)

HLÄNG: He always makes that look so easy.


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Caelum: Dennis

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