3.12 To the Honourable Citizens of Thromb

To the honourable citizens of Thromb:

My name is Caelum of LowMeadow, and though I am a recent arrival in your city, I know by my welcome that you are a wise and sophisticated people. I would therefore appeal to your sense of pride in your city and the openness of your political system and urge you to support Salien the adventurer as your next mayor.

The reason Salien has my support is simple – he knows much about the world around him. Being an adventurer, Salien has seen many things and has been through many a tough situation, and as so will be a good choice to lead in the potentially troubled future. The unfortunate events playing out in other quadrants of the world are not happening in isolation, and this fair city will need a leader with experience in difficult situations. Although the honoured opposition has good intentions and very noble ideals, the time for change is NOT NOW.

I therefore implore you Halflings and Gnomes of intelligence and reason, to vote for Salien the adventurer as mayor, as he is not only the best choice for mayor, but the only choice for the future.

Signed Caelum of LowMeadow

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