4.07 Taylar's Lyndune Fantasy

While Taylar rushes around the town seeking to find Lyndune’s holdings there is much on his mind.  He realizes that the party does not have much in the way of funds and realizes that the group would need a serious boost of capital if they were to be able to bid for the Skyhold Dungeon. And that wasn’t counting bidding for any of the other property that Lyndune owned. He had a nice house, he had several business, several warehouses, and he had surely bought other things. What about the Gosling? The Sawmill? The Mining rights?  Taylar also considered Lyndune’s other property his servants, his animals, and so on.  Plus he must have a stash of cash somewhere, a major haul, since there wasn’t much in his house.

Taylar recently decided that he wanted more for himself. He decided that he wanted a nice house, maybe a business or two.  Maybe even some staff. He remembered the kobolds working under Rittenranch and he was fairly sure some of his kobold friends would love a job.  Maybe if this auction went well he would be able to buy himself a proper house and a business.

The others had made suggestions about stopping the town from auctioning the dungeon.  They had suggested not allowing outsiders to make bids otherwise the town would end up with a situation not unlike the previous problem. But Taylar had no faith in the democratic system, he started to watch people coming into town with the intention of drugging or waylaying any outsiders who came into town close to the auction, in case they were there to bid; there were more ways that one to skin a cat, but he needed to make sure that Lyndune’s property didn’t find it’s way back into the hands of Lyndune’s master. Taylar started working on a mental list of every piece of property owned by Lyndune; he included land, buildings, servants, and anything else of value. He ran to the counsel offices and requested the lot listing for the auction in order to calculate where best to place his investment. He then went to a couple of Lyndune’s servants with the intentions of bribing them into spilling key information.

In his mind Taylar keeps replaying a scene where he himself is killing Lyndune. Taylar has incapacitated the scoundrel and is monologue before killing him. A very disguised Taylar is standing over Lyndune dripping lemon justice into Lyndune’s many open wounds.  Taylar thinks of the great speech he would like to give.  “They have let you go.  They don’t think to watch you, to worry about you, to fear you.  They have let you get away with it, that is because they are nice people.  I am not a nice person.  I am the original bastard, I am a bugger, a demon, and a sod; I don’t think like them.  Their punishment is dealt. Their trial has exiled you.  That is well and good, but it doesn’t square things in my book.   That is why I am here. Nice people deserve trials, due process, bad people do not. The world needs me, I am here to set the balance straight.  They say that good people are trusting.  Well I am not good people. But I trust you, what does that tell you; I trust you to return to your despicable ways.  I cannot stomach allowing you to leave.  I cannot stomach allowing you to do this to another town.  I cannot stomach allowing you to spread your venom and lies to further harm these people.

I have dealt with people like you for too long; some might even say I was born, no bred, no summoned, to deal with people like you.  I have long dealt with tormentors, bullies, and thieves; yes thieves; I may acquire gold, but you steal people’s self respect, their hope, and their peace of mind.   I am the shadow in the night, the knife in the hands of a madman, the prophet of the fallen sun, I am vengeance and I am death.  But in this instance I am also justice, the happy ending, and the good fairy.  To the best of my knowledge you haven’t done anything good for this town, nothing to help the hungry, to help the poor. You have made Skyhold a target. You have targeted Skyhold; you have fed off these peoples. You collapses peoples homes.  There is blood on your hands.” At this point Taylar kills Lyndune, dragging his sword across the mage’s throat from ear to ear and smiling as the wash of blood covers his own hands. “And now there is blood on my hands; isn’t it strange that I don’t mind having your blood on my hands.” Taylar bundles the corpse into a sack and dropping it into the acid bath.

For a while Taylar considered letting him live and leaving him with some lasting threat like, “they’ll never find all the pieces if you cross me again.”  But Taylar realized he was getting soft and the safest option was to terminate Lyndune with all possible swiftness.

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