3.12 This Is Only A Test

Location: Thromb

HräshHläng, having now learned of their new armour's abilities, decide it would be best to test it out before trying to use it in a battle situation, lest he accidentally endanger himself, or his allies. Tallshorter himself was unsure of how the abilities the armour bestows would function for a wearer with two heads such as himself. Early in the day Hräsh asks the town guards to escort him to a safe place beyond the city walls where he could safely test a potentially dangerous magical ability without damaging property or people.
So on HräshHläng and two of the town guard go, and come to a place just outside the city where a deserted patch of sandy soil extend from the city wall.
Hläng points out the trunk of a long dead and parched tree, and the two of them turn to face it.
From the top of the wall, another guard watches down below as Hräsh issues a warning to the guards accompanying him. Hräsh and Hläng take in a deep, combined breath, and exhaling, each suddenly release an impressive spray of acid directed at the unfortunate tree.
The guard on the wall jumps in his boots and stares in disbelief as the steam clears and only a dissolving stump is left where the vulture perch once stood.
Another guard comes running along the wall towards him.
"Did you see that?!" he exclaims.
"I sure did."
The two guards share a speechless moment as the howls and cheers of the two guards, and a laughing Hläng below echo up to the wall, until the first guard adds:
"I'm glad he's on our side."

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