The World Runners

The World Runners are a small organization of adventurers, nobles, and benevolent creatures dedicated to eliminating the scourge of Ludimar from the Known world. The Organization was came into being as the Ludimarite Faith came into favor among the mages of Western Mazavi shortly after the Exilic War. The Group’s Founder, the man-dragon Shimin is both powerful and enigmatic, he is known to few outside the World Runners and many veterans of the organization have never knowingly met the sage.
The Worldrunners are devoted to destroying Ludimar in any way possible and some members chose to pursue these ends through questionable practices such as interrogation, subterfuge, espionage, and intrigue. While the leadership does not condone many specifics of these actions they recognize the folly of turning their back on allies when so great a threat looms in the world.
Members of most classes are welcome in the Worldrunners, particularly rogues and wizards, some paladins may find their moral flexibility to be objectionable but a handful can be found among the organization’s membership, often trying to persuade their peers to fight Ludimar from a position of righteousness. Pathites and Monks of the Silent Hand are common among the world runners as are clerics, particularly of Valalique.


Alignment: Non-evil
Special: Must have defeated a Cleric of Ludimar or an intelligent undead creature serving the God-Lich


One time
Character Level +½ level
Knowledge (geography) 5 or more ranks +1
Knowledge (religion) 5-9 ranks +1
Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks +2
Gather Information 5 or more ranks +1
Has the ability to turn undead +2
Can cast Teleport +2
Is a necromancer (specialist wizard) -6

Multiple Use
Completes a quest on behalf of the guild +4
Defeats a Spellcaster serving Ludimar +1/4 CR
Defeats a CR 8 or higher undead creature +1/4 CR
Razes a place of worship of Ludimar +8
Fails in a quest appointed by the guild -4
Creates an undead creature -8
Associates with ludimarites -10

Organization Benefits

3 or Lower
Not Affiliated

3-14 Wanderer
+2 to gather information in cities where the World Runners have a presence

15-22 Traveler
+1 Morale bonus on attacks made against Ludimarites or undead, +1 on Caster level checks to overcome the spell resistance of undead creatures. +2 Morale bonus on will saves when facing undead or Ludimarite spellcasters.

23-29 Dawn Explorer
May re-roll the miss chance against incorporeal undead once per round

30 or Higher Nomad of Restoration
Once per day may automatically negate 1d4 negative energy levels from which you presently suffer.

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