Staff Of Gaia

This mythic staff is actually a living tree. It's roots curl around a a fist sized emerald at the staff's base and a small canopy the size of a buckler adorns the top of the staff. The artifact contains a substantial portion of the life essence of the Gaia Tree. Usually a staff is grown just prior to the destruction of a Gaia tree, and the staff itself grows into a new Gaia Tree. As a potent artifact infused with positive energy it manifests a number of powers. There are no staves of gaia known to exist presently in the world, the last one was carried by the druid Isi just prior to the Exilic war when Voxaminer attempted to tap the energy of Gaia. The result was the conflagration of the original Gaia Tree and the release of the Lonic Tarrasque

The staff has hardness 5 and 20 hit points the staff regenerates 10 hp per minute if left in water even if reduced to sawdust the staff will regrow, always from the emerald at the tip.

Life Echo (Su):The staff is perpetually treated as though it were under the influence of a greater magic weapon based spell using the wielders HD in lieu of the caster level.

Spell abilities:In addition the staff allows the wielder to make use of the following powers
Cure light wounds 3/day
Animal growth 1/day
Plant growth 2/day
Light at will
Create water at will
Animate plants 2/day
Reincarnate 1/day
All spells and abilities function with caster level based on the Hit dice of the wielder or 20 whichever is lower. Saves if relevant are based only of spell level and do not use the wielders wisdom as a bonus.

Special abilities
A Druid or Ranger may use the Staff of Gaia to unmake creatures that have strayed from nature's course. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + the bearer's charisma modifier. The ability is equivalent to channel energy using the character's druid level (half their ranger level) as the effective cleric level for determining damage. Druid and ranger levels stack for this purpose. The ability may only damage creatures that were once animals or humanoids but have been changed via zaomantic magic. A charater with the turn undead feat may turn zaomantic creatures as though they were undead when employing this staff, further anyone bearing the staff meets the channel prerequisite for that feat.

Living Entity: The staff is still technically a tree and if not watered occasionally it will lose 1 hp per day. If reduced to 0 hp it will become dormant, it may recover all it’s hit points by regenerating for two minutes via immersion in water. Additionally if carried by a non-medium sized creature the staff can alter it’s size to suit a tiny to huge creature by expending one of it’s daily uses of plant growth. This shift is automatic and lasts till the staff is dropped by the creature.

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