The Sisterhood Of The Lady Of Mercies

The Sisterhood is a noble organization of female clerics and paladins dating back to the earliest human civilization in the world, Donlin. The sisterhood are careful to observe the traditions of their foremothers diligently and observe many practices which seems odd in the eyes of their eastern counterparts. They have for nearly a century been on the forefront of a bitter war with the Tanar’ri around the former site of Donlin and have a tendency to view any deviation from their traditions as the first step down a dangerous path into demon worship. Despite this rigidity in their beliefs they are among the most valiant and powerful crusaders for good in the known world.


Religion: Follower of The Lady of Mercies (Angelique/Valalique)
Race/Gender: Human Female
Alignment: Lawful Good
Skill: Knowledge (Religion) 4 Ranks


One time
Character Level +½ level
Knowledge (religion) 7-11 ranks +1
Knowledge (religion) 12 or more ranks +2
Cleric +4
Paladin +3
Can cast level 3 Healing spells +1
Can cast level 4 or Higher Healing Spells +2

Multiple Use
Tithes at least 10% of their earnings from an adventure +1
Gives up life for a fellow human +8
Raises or resurrects a Human +5
Defeats a demon of at least 8 CR +¼ CR
Fails to observe traditional ceremony or requirement -1
Fails in combat against an evil-aligned enemy -2
Performs an evil act -4
Knowingly associates with fiendish creatures -10

Organization Benefits

3 or Lower Not Affiliated

3-14 Sister
+2 on diplomacy checks with non-evil humans

15-22 Novitiate
+1 bonus on attacks vs. evil outsiders, must obey direct superiors in the church

23-29 Initiate
May re-roll one die of any healing spell cast, must obey direct superiors in the church

30 or Higher Matriarch
May employ half the prescribed value in diamonds for the following spells: Raise Dead, Resurrection, True Resurrection.

Note: Only characters with levels in cleric may earn the title of initiate or matriarch, these ranks are reserved for ordained ministers.

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