The Servants Of Valalique

The Servants of Valalique is the formal name of the Eastern Church of Valalique, patron deity of humanity. The faithful of this sect were persecuted horribly in Athalin prior to the exile and during this time lost much of their heritage and religious traditions. Set off on the far shore of Karalon they have spent over a century rebuilding their faith. The resultant church is very essentialist caring little for the elaborate religious traditions of old but rather
emphasizing personal righteousness through acts of mercy. Unlike the Western Church, which is composed of females exclusively, the Servants of Valalique welcome males into the priesthood readily. In fact at present male priests outnumber females by a small margin within the sect. The Servants of Valalique serve all faithful humans in the eastern world, this flock notably includes the Pathite Monasteries which developed to defend humanity in Athalin during a period of Redorf II’s reign in which humans were forbidden from bearing arms of any kind.


Religion: Follower of Valalique
Race: Human or half-human
Alignment: Any Good (Often Lawful)
Skill: Knowledge (Religion) 4 Ranks


One time
Character Level +½ level
Knowledge (religion) 7-11 ranks +1
Knowledge (religion) 12 or more ranks +2
Cleric +4
Monk +2
Paladin +3
Can cast level 3 Healing spells +1
Can cast level 4 or higher Healing Spells +2

Multiple Use
Tithes at least 10% of their earnings from an adventure +1
Gives up life for a fellow human +8
Raises or resurrects a human +5
Establishes an organization dedicated to acts of good +4
Fails in combat against an evil-aligned enemy -2
Performs an evil act -4
Knowingly associates with fiendish creatures -4

Organization Benefits

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or Lower
Not Affiliated

3-14 Brother/sister
+2 on diplomacy checks with humans of non-evil alignment,

15-22 Shepard
+2 bonus on heal checks, must reasonably obey direct superiors in the church.

23-29 Pastor
May re-roll one die of any healing spell cast, must reasonably obey direct superiors in the church.

30 or Higher Father/Mother
May employ half the prescribed value in diamonds for the following spells: Raise Dead, Resurrection, True Resurrection. Must participate in gatherings of church elders known as synods.

Note: Only characters with levels in cleric may earn the title of Pastor or Father/Mother, these ranks are reserved for ordained ministers.

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