3.10 The Play's The Thing
Location: Lowmeadow

Caelum: may I have a word with yous, HH?

Hläng: just one?

Caelum:I was thinking that before we move South, we should do something nice for the children who live here.

Hräsh: Are we moving south next?

Hläng: Children? What Children?

Caelum: I thought so, but we'll discuss that with the others tonight at the tavern

Hläng: Oh! we're going to the tavern tonight?

Caelum: the children I have been helping with while you've been making these houses for the refugees.

Hräsh: Of course, Hläng, where else would we eat?

Hläng: Where are all these children?

Caelum: I was thinking you would want to practice those acting skills you learned in Athalin.

Hräsh: What did you have in mind, Caelum?

Caelum: Maybe we could put on a show in the square in front on the chruch hall. A play about good winning over evil. Something to lift the spirits of those who live here. Maybe give them some hope.

Hläng: We could play an evil monster!

Hräsh: Of course, Hläng, we always play the evil monster.

Caelum: Maybe (for a change) you could play an undead evil monster! That way you get to try something new, and we can look like we're fighting the forces of Ludimar, without actually saying it.

Hräsh: That would be a change, and it would make sense. I'm sure these people would want to see an undead monster defeated.

Hläng: We'd need undead makeup.. or an illusion.

Caelum: you can pretend to do something evil, and hedwinn and starr and I can try and stop you

Caelum: and we'll not be able to succeed. Then we'll call for help, and Nervosh will step out of the crowd and help

Caelum: it would send the message that evil can be defeated, but everyone needs to help

Hräsh: you should be a playwright, Caelum.

Caelum: then when the evil monster is defeated, we can all stand up and say a prayer of protection to Angelique

Caelum: getting the audience to join us in a prayer.

Hräsh: And St. Kora.

Caelum: then we can ask the children that have come to watch what they can do to help stop the evil people

Caelum: that will get them to think about their role in the upcoming conflict. Then, maybe, we can song some songs and pass out some candy.

Caelum: what do you think - will you help me?

Hläng: Yes! of course, it's all so exciting.

Caelum: then what we have to do is 1) get permission to put on a play, 2) pick a time and advertise it to the parents, 3) practice a couple of times, 4) buy a lot of candy, and 5) have some fun and deliver a good message for the whole town

Caelum: we have enough in the party fund for the candy and whatever props we need, right?

Hräsh: I don't know. I don't count the money, but I'm certain we could pitch in. Would your monastery have any props we could borrow or rent?

Caelum: I'm sure they will lend us whatever they have

Hräsh: who would we have to ask for permission?

Caelum: Probably the town, because if we're going to block the streets with our audience, they would want to know.

Caelum: then what's left is the hardest task of all. Getting Nervosh to be seen in the town!

HräshHläng: Chris
Caelum: Dennis

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