The Phoenix Blade

The Phoenix Blade is a potent artifact of Angelique wielded by the handmaiden herself. It is an heirloom of the royal house of Donlin.

Phoenix Blade: +2 Holy Bastard Sword

Like a common holy avenger the Phoenix Blade is attuned to the handmaiden of the Lady of Mercies. When wielded by the handmaiden the Sword takes on the following qualities:

Phoenix Blade: +5 Hallowed Flaming Burst Bastard Sword of Sharpness AL NG; Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 20; Empathy 30 ft. vision and hearing; Ego 24.
Lesser Power: Grants Spell resistance of 30. (10 + the Handmaiden's Paladin level)
Greater Power:It also enables the wielder to use greater dispel magic (once per round as a standard action) at the class level of the paladin. Both the area dispel and counterspell versions are possible, but not the targeted dispel version of greater dispel magic.
Special Purpose: Defend Humans
Dedicated Power: Immolate 1/day

Immolate: This ability mimics the effect of a very potent flame strike of 20 ft radius and 80 ft height. It deals a total of 40d6 damage, of this 20d6 is fire while the other 20d6 is from pure divine power. Creatures within the area of effect may make a reflex save DC 40 for half damage. Unlike a flame strike, the divine portion of the damage is alignment attuned and will deal non-lethal damage only to any creatures of good alignment caught within the blast. Using the Immolate ability kills the wielder outright with no save possible but she is resurrected the following round as per true resurrection whereupon she regains all prepared spells as though she had had a days rest with appropriate time for preparation. The use of this ability costs 10,000 exp points, if this reduces the handmaiden below the threshold for her most recent level then she returns to life at a lower level in much the same way one might as the result of an ordinary resurrection spell.

Strong evocation and transmutation; CL 20.

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