3.07 The Lady Of Hope

Location: Yesterwyrm

As HräshHläng approached the great ship Lady of Hope, the subtle reference to St. Kora was not lost to Hräsh as it was to Hläng. The Figurehead was that of a female warrior holding a shining sword ahead of the four-masted ship. She loomed overhead more than twenty feet above the level of the dock, itself five feet higher than the water level. The Lady's mainmast reached more than a hundred feet into the air; the crowsnest a dizzying seventy feet above the waves. It seemed as if ships were growing as fast as HräshHläng himself. The biggest ship HräshHläng had been on before had five decks; this one had seven, including the poop deck. This ship looked like it would be more of a match for the Ludimarite dromond they faced in the Dhril Esoech. It was armed with four ballistae and two catapults, and having two lateen sails astern it would likely be much more maneuverable in a fight than another ship its size. As HräshHläng would later find out, the ship would transport more than two hundred souls to Cormuk, without so much as a single stop, thanks to her ample cargo and supply holds.

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