The Journal Of Tolast

Major Artifact

This leather bound tome is weathered and worn but those touching it find it has a surprising warmth, as though it were just removed from a vest pocket. The book is purportedly written by Saint Tolast and details three years of his life beyond those formerly known to the church.

Tolast wandered the world, obsessed with an event known as the great contradiction. Valalique is the mother of humanity, their creator and patron who brought humanity forth from the ashes of Meridian province nine hundred years ago, however it seems that numerous human civilizations existed prior to this date. Tolast carefully chronicles evidence of Jyptic and Lonic Humans thousands of years past and human slaves in athalin back in MR 7200, the last pages of the journal describe Tolast's last years, wandering the Northlands of the continant of Jotenar where he records “findings of great importance” here humans have lived for some mere 200 years, their language is very similar to Dollite and artifacts of evident origin in Donlin have been found. The last facing page of the tome depicts a statue of saint kora half burried in an alpine medow and the saint's last written words.
“My time is come to an end, my heart to weary to go on, in my 90 years on this world I have seen much and it pains me that I will never share my tales with the King in Meridian. But my quest has not been in vein, one day years from now my works will make their way back into the hands of the faithful, and the truth will become known. All humans are forever the creation of Angelique, and the fosterchildren of Ashaneron, who saved them from an unthinkable fate and found refuge for them on the winds of time throughout the known world and beyond.”

In the hands of any human who venerates Angelique this book imparts the following benefits:
+5 enhancement bonus to wisdom.
+6 competence bonus on all the wearer’s Charisma-based checks made to influence humans.
Imparts immunity to both natural and magical fatigue.
The book grants a +10 competence bonus to Survival and Knowledge (geography checks)

A spellcaster who meets the above criteria may prepare, or spontaneously cast spells (as appropriate for their class) from the travel domain as though these were spells on their regular class spell list, spellbook, or list of spells known.

The book's bearer can seldom sleep for more than an hour a night (a habit which confers no negative effect) feeling a need to get up and move. The bearer finds it practically impossible to stay in one place to long feeling a need to get up to spread the word elsewhere.

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