The Journal Of The Two Brothers

This huge book is bound with equal parts of black and beige reptile hide. Numerous intricate ribbons act as book marks throughout the tome The names Maugan and Caelum is written on the cover in ornate script. Maugan’s name is centered upon the cover but the rest of the script is printed off centre, as though Caelum were something of an afterthought.

This Hulking tome is filled with information on about Maugan for the first 84 pages. Each page therafter is dated with the page on the right speaking of Caelum and the page on the left of Maugan. It quickly becomes apparent that Solstice has been keeping tabs on each for some time. According to a few conspicuous notes he has been going so far as to exchange information about Maugan and the Ludimarites in general with Shimin in exchange for similar intelligence about Caelum.

The book could take over a week to fully study but the following bookmarked pages shed a great deal of light on the present situation.

Page 1 Durak 18 8218 MR
Maugan is one of Ludimar’s inner circle, but is strangely appointed. Though as power hungry as any of his rank in that church the lad seems to be reticent in the many of his duties and has been disciplined for his unwillingness to undertake certain courses of action due to certain scruples. The first such event I have evidence of occurred of Gorost 13 when Maugan willfully disobeyed an order to exterminate women and children in the outlying townships of Kamest. I had previously thought this to be an isolated incident but new sources of intelligence through servants in Gorost and agents of Shimin’s band have proven that such acts continue though carefully concealed. Maugan, it would seem, has a particular weakness for children and is finding ever more devious methods to ensure their well being while still otherwise striving for power and prestige within the church. He presently harbours seven dozen or more children, youngsters he aught to have killed in the course of his duties, sequestered within his Gorost estate. It is my great hope to use this rather humorous wrinkle in the patriarch’s character as an avenue to ascertain the whereabouts of Recamia Anastal

Silver Bookmark Undated (p 84)
Yesterday I learnt that a precocious little priest of Valalique named Caelum was, like the patriarch Maugan, an orphan in Karalon. Upon further research my suspicions have been confirmed, both are sons of Pascilus and Caitlin, the intruders who entered my labyrinth nearly twenty years ago. This revelation could prove immensely useful particularly in light of Maugan’s occasional moral reluctance.

Green Bookmark Durak 20 8221 MR
Quinnis’s health is failing rapidly, I have sent one of my emissaries to preserve him for a while and to loosen his tongue about Caelum’s origins. Caelum is located nearby on a worldrunner mission and I anticipate he will visit his old mentor if the opportunity presents itself.

Beige Bookmark Abithom 3 8222 MR
Yesterday, against my express request of Shimin, Caelum and His companions entered my hiding place searching for me. Fortunatelly the event has not been without a silver lining. I managed to fool Caelum into revealing much of his past, further I have banished their pitiful band to a distant realm which should prevent Caelum from accidentally expiring in a hopeless effort to save Echer.

Blue Bookmark Abithom 36 8222 MR
Maugan is marching of Dallan presently after successfully overseeing the slaughter of the Dallish coastal defenses. I have recommended to Shimin to place Caelum’s companions in the demonshadow valley in the hopes that Caelum might encounter his brother and turn him. Maugan has now, by the account of my bugs within the patriarch’s entourage, saved the pitiful lives of 68 gnomish children durring the invasion.

Red Bookmark: Collis 13 822 MR (11 days ago)
Shimin’s bid to release Recamia Tiamat has failed. Against my express demand he placed all our eggs in one basket and sent Caelum and company into the vault of Bahamut. Fortunately Caelum has escaped unscathed in part due to some sage council provided by an advisor of Dorenesi under my employ. Security around Recamia Tiamat will doubtless now prove insurmountable. I hope that this has not tipped our hand to either the Ludimarites nor Rook himself. Only Recamia Anastal remains. Only with the willful cooperation of the patriarch can the location of Recamia Anastal be known and it’s defenses penetrated. Ludimar’s will shall prevent Maugan from such a betrayal so long as he remains unliving. I sense even now that Caelum draws near. Once his companions are dealt with Caelum’s mind should be easy enough to bend to my purposes. Then I will use my new puppet to overpower Maugan, resurrect him as a man and so recover Recamia Anastal.

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