3.16 The Isle Of Zesil

(Back in the seas of the Darasti homeland)

The Isle of Zesil was a low isle of untamed meadows and small copses
of curious looking trees replete with spikes and small purple fruit.
On the Isle's north-east side, a sheltered harbour featured numerous
ornately carved rowboats most of which were in various states of
waterlogged decay. A white stone path lead up from the water to a
towering white marble arch flanked by two Bronzeling guards.

HräshHläng rowed Frostbane's boat into the harbour. They secured it
with a line, and made their way up the stone path to the marble arch
where they paused.

The two guards gazed on the giant with apparent contempt but made no
action to prevent his ingress.

"We seek an audience with Lord Cybilnox," announced Hräsh.

Both the bronzelings nodded stiffly and one pointed a clawed hand down
the dark passage beyond.

HräshHläng decided to take the the direction as an invitation, and
continued down the road.

Cybilnox's lair was a towering dome set with broad white support
arches and smooth red marble stone. The room gave a newcomer the
immediate impression of being inside a great spherical ribcage.
Unlike the solitude of most dragon lair's Cybilnox's was packed with
Darasti females, many frolicking in his treasure horde, few if any
wear clothing of any kind. Meanwhile the dragon himself could be heard
carefully counting in a rear room.

Hräsh raised an eyebrow at the spectacle before him. Hläng rose two.

"Come in Giant" a voice echoed from the deeper chamber. Many of the
frolicking Darasti dove for cover as though threatened only to
reemerge seconds later in more demure attire. Cybilnox strode into the
room, gently throwing a few smaller giggling females on his back to
the coin pile which padded their fall, "Eighty-four, eighty-five, and
Shimscetel makes eighty-six," he concluded. His inventory complete, he
crouched down before the ettin. "So what troubles bring you to me this
day, giant?"

Hläng, encouraged by the dragon's welcome, answered quickly "We were
told you had a special insight about the magic of our armour."

"Ah yes, Ravinien mentioned this during our conference, " Cybilnox
remarked, "the dragon armor is one evil influence that must be purged
if we are to be allies with the Worldrunners."

Hräsh lowered his head "It is evil, then."
"Is it possible to purge the evil from the armour?" Hläng asked.

"A spirit lingers in the armor; Droshar greedy even in death has been
unwilling to relinquish his skin"

"Can any exorcise him?" Asked Hräsh.

"The only way to be rid of the spirit is to destroy the armor, there
are however more temporary solutions we can explore"

"I would be loath to wear an armour of evil spirit," Hräsh answered,
"But I fear the spirit of evil is as loath to relinquish me so easily."

"The spirit is indeed powerful, but not so powerful as to be beyond
control, balance is the key to it's silence"

Hräsh frowned. "But if the armour is evil, should it not be
destroyed?" He asked, wincing, as he fought to fight the greed that
tried to overpower him.

"The armor is no more evil than a rock or a drop of water, a spirit
that lingers near it is your nemesis, whispering dark thoughts in your

Hläng closed his eyes. Hräsh looked up, "how can I expel it?"

"You can't," the dragon replied slowly, "the spirit lingers nearby,
and will only wander away if the armor is destroyed; a task which I
could accomplish, but the ordeal may force me to kill you; the spirit
will not relinquish the object of it's obsession easily. I can see it
detests the very subject"

"Can you help me remove it?"

"Might I suggest an alternative?"

"Yes," spoke Hläng, "I like the armour."
"But the evil spirit…"

"My brother, Jineled was a renowned among the darasti ancestors, he
lead a selfless and heroic life giving all that he had, including his
life to the defense less fortunate, I never met him in life but his
spirit wanders back occasionally to check on his younger brother, I
could speak with him and have him linger with you for a time."

"You never met your brother?" Hläng asked.
Hräsh and Hläng looked at each other, amazed.

"He died seven years before my birth," replied Cybil quietly, "Though
he was half-darasti I hope one day I might live up to his example"

Hräsh nodded, somehow understanding this concept. "Your brother would
be glad to hear that."

"He's been a guide for me for centuries, perhaps now he can be a guide
to you to balance the evil counsel given by Droshar"

"It is an aid I know we require."

"Then it's settled" concluded Cybilnox, "The giant will two heads
shall have the council of two dragon souls, may his second skin never
fail him."

Hräsh again bowed his head, "we are in your debt. And your brother's."
Hläng nodded.

The next morning HräshHläng awoke and, as was now their custom, looked
into their sacks at their sparkling horde of gold. A strange feeling
found them; a sorrow for missed opportunities, a guilt at their
selfishness and a newfound desire to make a fresh start and share
their treasures with others less fortunate.

HräshHläng: Chris
Cybilnox: Tim

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