The Groenororn Hordh

The Groenororn-hordh (Fire-glare tribe) was once a powerful tribe of relatively civilized orcs. The tribe merged with the former Ochaboedhgrad-hordh (Red-shadow tribe) of northern Sáregris under the leadership of Lord Glornagh. The Ochaboedhgrad joined the Groenororn as allies to raid a large trading outpost named Tayoun established by westerners of Karalon, and largely populated by allied tribes of native humans. The orcish tribes’ numerous giants and considerable numbers made a mockery of the port’s defenses and the humans were massacred wholesale. Since that time the orcs refortified the city under the name Dachoen and took on many of the aspects of life of those they conquered. The Ludimarite war machine envied the orcs their control of Dachoen and besieged it in order to gain fortifications closer to the volcano Garil. As a result of this, and a subsequent losses during battle for the nearer town of Cormuk, the orcs of the Groenororn-hordh have been decimated and forced back into their former nomadic way of life. Despite their recent setbacks the tribe remains a power on the island of Sarthorn and has a long proud history.


Region: Must have be born in, or have spent more than half his life in Sarthorn
Race: Must be a Groenororn-hordh Orc or lived in their company for at least one year.
Alignment: Any non-lawful
Feat: Power Attack
Language: Must speak Orcish


One time
Character Level (HD) +½ level
Survival 7-11 ranks +1
Survival 12 or more ranks +2
Ability to rage +4
Frenzied Berserker +4
+5 or better BAB +2
+10 or better BAB +4
Strength 20 or better +2
Strength 26 or better +4
Ability to cast control weather +3
Proficient with all martial weapons +2

Multiple Use
Fights in battle along with the tribe. +2
Defeat an animal, magical beast, or undead with CR greater
than character level in one-on-one combat +1/4 creatures HD
Overtakes land held by of one of the tribe’s enemies +4
Retreats from battle –2
Deals 50 or more damage with a single blow +1/4 creature CR
Deals 100 or more damage with a single blow +1/2 creature CR

Organization Benefits

3 or Lower Not Affiliated

3-14 Tribe Member +2 on charisma based checks with tribe members

15-22 First Spear
+1 bonus on attacks against enemies of the tribe

23-29 Warmaster
May receive a retinue of 2d4 level 6 orc barbarians

30 or Higher Herald of Gruumsh
Must sacrifice one eye and suffer a –2 to ranged attack rolls for the loss of depth perception.
As a standard action he may receive a +8 enhancement bonus to strength, once per day, for one round per character level (HD).

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