3.09 The Fate Of Orcs
Location: Cormuk

Hläng: "Where do you suppose the Groenororn-hordh will go now?"

Hräsh: *shrugs* "Perhaps they will find territory closer to Cormuk,
or wander back to eastern Sáregris. Maybe they will find the
Rihesoech-hordh in the north, or the Glisthag-hordh in the east, who
have been allies in the past."

Hläng: "Should we go with them?"

Hräsh: *thinks for a moment.* "I do not know. Haudhlagh is gone, but
I'm sure it would mean our deaths if we were to seek for him now."
*sighs* "The others certainly would not follow us. What do you think?
I know Dachoen was our home, but, now that Haudhlagh is gone…"

Hläng: "…The humans and gnomes are all the friends we have left."

Hräsh: *looks down at their feet* "I thought you felt that way. I do
not want to betray our loayalty to the tribe."

Hläng: "Maybe we can come back one day. When we get Haudhlang back,
and the Ludimarites have been run out of Dachoen."

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