3.09 The Dead Of Cormuk
Location: Cormuk

“WRAAaaghh!!” Hläng screamed as he woke up from another nightmare.
“Ow,” Hräsh responded, holding his ears, “what was it this time?”
“The dead,” Hläng answered, “the dead walking… out of their graves.”
“You’re going to have to get used to it, Hläng, you’re going to see alot of that when the army comes.”
“They attacked me from behind… pulling at me with their bony fingers… pulling me down into their graves.”
Hräsh gave that some thought for a moment. Something occurred to him. That morning he went with Caelum to go meet with Panamet.

“I really am busy,” Panamet said when the three come to see him, “there’s still plenty to plan during the coming days.”
“There is one preparation, however, I fear is being overlooked; one point that could make the difference between victory and defeat” Caelum began.
“It’s the dead, Panamet,” Hräsh continued, “this enemy, you know they raise the dead to fight, if they manage to infiltrate the cemetary…”
“They could use them against us,” Hläng finished.
“We’ll have guards posted,” Panamet interrupted, “the cemetary will be safe.”
“It’s a waste of good men to guard bones,” Caelum countered, “especially when those alive are being threatened.”
“And an attack from inside your own walls would be crippling during a seige.” Hräsh added.
“If you think I’m going to allow you to dig up the town’s dead and destroy the bodies, that’s out of the question. Think of how it would effect morale…” Panamet trailed off.
“Can you imagine what it would to to the morale of the troops to see their dead friends and family rising to fight them?” Hräsh responded.
Panamet was silent for a moment, clearly giving the matter some thought.
“We need not destroy them, Panamet” Caelum offered.
“What then would you have me do?” Panamet questioned.
“If we were to exhume the bodies,” Caelum explained, “I could soak them with holy water. It would destroy them if anyone were to try and animate them. We could tell the people that I am performing a special ceremony to protect their beloved departed from exploitation.”
“We don’t need to make a big deal about this,” Hräsh said, “but it best something be done.”
“Better than doing nothing.” Hläng added.
The three of them awaited Panamet’s response, hoping he would see the wisdom in their suggestion, and allow them to deal with this grave matter.

HräshHläng: Chris
Caelum: Dennis
Panamet: Tim

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