The Cult Of Ludimar

Ludimar has many followers both monstrous and humanoid but by far the greatest threat his servants pose is the organized church of Ludimar. Unlike other dangerous evil societies there is no infighting among the Ludimarites simply an iron resolve to conquer the known world for the sake of the God-Lich. The Cult of Ludimar is seductive toward youth who seek power and many junior clerics, if depraved enough, rise quickly through the Ludimarite ranks. The power and station granted to these dark emissaries is considerable and for these privileges the initiates seldom have qualms about conquering, enslaving, and even murdering thousands in the name of their unholy master.


Alignment: Non-chaotic, Non-good
Skill: Knowledge Religion 2 ranks
Religion: Must worship Ludimar to the exclusion of all others.


Character Level (HD) +½ level
Ability to Cast Animate Dead +1
Ability to Cast Create Undead +2
Ability to Cast Create Greater Undead +3
Ability to Rebuke Undead +2
Member of the Disciple of God-Lich prestige Class +4
Knowledge (Religion) 5 or more ranks +1
Knowledge (Religion) 10 or more ranks +2
Is currently undead +2

Multiple Use
Converts a new member +1
Kills a good outsider +1/4 Creature CR
Kills 10 or more living creatures within one day +1
Cast’s Raise Dead, Resurrection, or a similar spell -4
Makes a discovery about the nature of death or dying +2

Organization Benefits

3 or Lower Not Affiliated

3-14 Novitiate
+2 on Intimidate and Knowledge (religion) checks made regarding undead.

15-22 Initiate
Gain a +2 bonus to rebuke undead, if the character can’t rebuke undead they receive a +2 to will saves fear effects from undead creatures

23-29 Grave Keeper
Once per day, grant an allied undead creature within 30 ft. a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls for 1 minute

30 or Higher Grave Master
Treat your character level as 3 higher for the purposes of creating, commanding, and controlling, undead.
*Only characters capable of casting animate dead may become grave keepers or grave masters:

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