4.02 Survival

Muscles tense and ready, the feline eyes watched the trio of wild boars sniffing through the ground cover, rooting out acorns and whatever else seemed palatable. A mother and two young it seemed. Though together they were not too much for the jungle cat to take on, easier prey with less risk was preferable; so the cat waited. A noise elsewhere in the woods caught they attention of the two older boars. The youngest continued sniffing through the green growth carpeting the forest floor, oblivious. Now separated, the cat tracked the movements of the youngest boar as the feet between them increased. Tasting the air, she honed in on the exact location of the youngest boar, locking in on her target with all four of her most powerful senses. The strike came. Birds nearby took flight at the sudden crash through the underbrush and the porcine squeal. The other two boars cried their alarm as well and scattered. The other young boar flew through the underbrush in terror, squealing and snorting. Suddenly, a dark figure stepped in his path from nowhere. The boar squealed again and changed direction to avoid the thick oaken legs, which seemed to chase him every corner he took. Finally, he turned a dicrection the mysterious figure did not follow. Crashing through a huckleberry, he caught sight of his mother and took chase in her direction. Izûn-Zîn watched the reunited pair take off safely together. That young boar now had a decent chance of surviving to adulthood. Elsewhere in the forest, a young jungle cat would have a full belly tonight.

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