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What do you mean ECL is now a negative number?!

I think someone went overboard on the monsters as PCs rules and nearly made my head explode. You can read the rules I won't be using here: PRD Monsters as PCs
For the time being as we wait for an errata / some heavy play testing I'm going to suggest the following Monster as PC rules for one offs, secondary campaigns etc. It's my hope that these find a happy medium between the rather restrictive rules in Monster Manual and the far to liberal approach in the Pathfinder Bestiary.

  • Base Monster Level is equal to CR or Hit Dice, whichever is higher. So a Minotaur PC is a level 6 character rather than a level 4 character (Pathfinder) or a level 8 Character (3.5)
  • Monsters gain levels at the same rate as everyone else, not faster than everyone else.
  • +1/3rd & -1/3rd Monsters who have a marked disadvantage after a few class levels may at the DMs discretion gain additional levels as described in the monsters as PCs rules. monsters with a marked advantage compared to the other PCs may miss every third level. These levels are adjudicated by the DM as the character progresses.
  • Players may begin playing monsters at any level including first, the DM will create a monster level progression similar to that of an Ettin

I'm very glad everyone was willing to play a non-monstrous character in this game.

Check out my Psuedo-Pathfinder conversion of the Ettin.

Somewhere, somehow HräshHläng just gained 3 levels.

Pathfinder RPG Rules Published

Last week we saw the release of the impressive pathfinder RPG core rules. The rules are available as a $60 rulebook from many local gaming stores, as a $10 pdf download from Paizo, or free from paizo's own hyperlinked SRD equivalent the PRD. Words cannot express how much I love this company!

DENNIS has just purchased another Pathfinder Core Rulebook, and will give it to the next person to give him $50.

Addendum: Chris has just completed updating the pathfinder templates for the PC Profiler programme. Download the update here!

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Tired of those pesky verbal and somatic components, check out the Thought Magic Feat.

New "House" Rules (actually just preview rules from PFRPG)

Group Notice Re DM clearance and open game policy

Hi folks,

Last meet two players announced that they were using materials from non-OGL books without clearing any items with the DM. Please remember that we are running an OGL/homebrew campaign so any rule you may wish to use needs to be both A) approved for reasons of game balance and B) adapted to our ruleset to satisfy my inner open-source greg. If it isn't on pfogc.com or www.d20srd.org you need my permission. If it isn't open game content it may also need to be adapted. When in doubt contact me.

If you don't clear stuff with me in future, I may be forced to shelve certain classes, feats, spells, items etc pending adaption and approval.

Rules and background updates:

Armavoc, the art of Auldelian sword magic is beginning to get detailed. If you have ideas for new armavoc spells and feats please post them to the wiki as drafts pending approval.

Major revision to the Auldelian language

Messages for the GM is where you (I hope) can leave messages for the GM to see. If you get great ideas and are either too late to call or want to ask a question, but will forget before you see Tim again.

Players are asked to create a character of first level and write a character history.

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