The lich Solstice was once widely believed to be the death priest Rook who was, in the last century, a hero of the exilic war. It has recently been revealed however, that Solstice was then known as the archmage Voxaminer. Solstice has held countless aliases over his long existence, including, Dorgrini, Mortalest, Theridri the Enchantress, the Archmage Adarante of Donlin just prior to its fall. Few know his true identity though his birth name Ludimar strikes fear the world over.
Solstice's sins are as numerous as his aliases. Dorgrini banished Kora to the abyss early in the history of humanity; Adarante corrupted the human mages' guild and instigated a war with Meithannon. Mortalest accidentally caused the destruction of Donlin. In his more recent incarnation as Voxaminer, Solstice orchestrated the rise of the dark heresy, the church of Ludimar, in order to provide worshipers upon his rise to godhood. The ritual to attain godhood saw Voxaminer undertake unprecedented evils including the murder of Saint Anastal, the great wyrm Nymbrixion (Shimin's mother), and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands during the exilic war. At the final hour he was betrayed by Rook who took not only took Solstice's true name, but also rose to godhood in the lich's place. Though Solstice was defeated he was too powerful to be destroyed and quickly went into hiding. He assumed his new pseudonym Solstice but presently makes no representation that it is his actual name; few have lived to press the point. He has provided the enemies of the god-lich with invaluable intelligence and resources to battle his betrayer. In the longer term, however, Solstice may prove to be a greater evil than even Ludimar, albeit one that has suffered a grievous setback. Once freed of the overarching threat of the god-lich he may rise a third time to tyranny in the next generation. But for now he holds keys to prevent the spread of Ludimar across the known world.

During his four centuries of unlife Solstice has crafted many terrifying spells which have made their mark on the world.
Mark of Exile
Solstice's Instantaneous Exile

Additionally, in the world of Tusk Mountain, Solstice was the original author of the following spells (from the d20 srd) which are named after either Solstice or one of his other pseudonyms.

  • Voxaminer's Disjunction
  • Adarante's Crushing Hand, Adarante's Clenched Fist, etc.
  • Solstice's Instant Summons (now widely circulated through Shimin)
  • Voxaminer's Private Sanctum
  • Voxaminer's Sword
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