The town of Skyhold is a newly minted settlement built upon mysterious ruins. The town was founded in MR 8190 by refugees from the conflict in Mazavi, and by prospectors from Central Karalon. The location of the town was chosen for a number of reasons: located on a plateau, it is highly defensible; the plentiful glacier water that runs through the site is excellent for drinking and raising crops; and plentiful rocks in the area ensure there is no shortage of building materials. Some of the early settlers came upon a delapitated shrine to Ashaneron on the site. One of the few inscriptions that survived centuries in the elements recorded "Skyhold" as the name of the original settlement. The towns founders rebuilt the shrine as a church to Valalique and took the town's name as their own. Fields were planted and mines were begun.

In 8121 the town's population exploded as a new wave of refugees fled from Kamest when the Ludimarites conquered the Metropolis. The newcomers found not only food and shelter here, but also work, and the backwater settlement quickly became a destination in its own right.

Mining and agriculture make up the bulk of the local economy, there are three mines serving the town, Jilnoc and Timorin mines produce abundant amounts of iron ore and lucrative quantities of copper. Most of the Iron is traded to Rittenratch while the copper is used int the minting of coins. Dabor mine to the north produces coal which is burnt by the villagers occasionally during the winter months when the temperature gets close to freezing. The rest of the coal is exported northwards.

Views from Skyhold are breathtaking; most of Western Auldelia is clearly visible from the cliffs, and from here a few evenings in every winter the sun's course is eclipsed by the floating Island Auralan, resulting in spectacular double sunrises.

1 Cathedral
2 The Gosling
3 Satie's Home
4 Marketplace
5 Mayor's House/Town Hall
6 Monastery
7 Outlook
8 Seline's Apothecary
9 The Mill
10 The Manor House (owned by the Party)
11 Tanner
12 The Town Guard Barracks
13 The General Store
14 Kiana's House
15 Taylar's Hovel
16 Rectory

Town Council Revised Post Auction

Name Share Notes Color
Drakinin Vos 28.5% Mayor, fairly reclusive. Red
Amici Scopuli 23.5% The party. Yellow
Juleem 10% Quiet Jiptalian, known friend of Lundune. Brown
Dirk 9% Former adventuring bard, known connoisseur of exotic cheeses. Orange
Drawerwick 8% Town guard. Grey
Logana 7% Heiress to a merchant fortune in Kamest, friends with Kenralt. White
Legan 6% Often shows up at council meetings only to mock the council members and catch them in lies.
Despite his small holdings Legan has a reputation for pressing laws through council though many of them are niceties or even jokes.
Hadrick 4% Representative of the miners' guild. Purple
Chargurt 2% Owns the Gosling and a few sheds which he rents to his workers. Blue
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