Aid Another

In addition to granting the character being helped a +2 bonus for passing a DC 10 check, for every 5 points above 10 you grant an additional +1 bonus. You must still roll the same type of skill check to aid another.
Conversely with roll of 5 or less, a would be assistant may just get in the way imposing a penalty to their ally.

Aid Another DC Bonus
5 or less -2
10 +2
15 +3
20 +4
25 +5
30 +6
35 +7
40 +8

Synergy Skill Checks (Aid Self)

In some cases more than one skill may be applicable when you undertake an action. If so your DM may permit you to make an additional synergy skill check to add a synergy bonus to your primary skill check. This functions similar to Aid Another (see above), except you roll a different skill check. Some examples are listed below. Aiding self is usually a swift action but may vary. When aiding self, the bonus granted by the aid check is a synergy bonus.

Primary Skill Check Skill checks that may be used (depending on the situation*) to aid self
Appraise Craft (appraised item)
Bluff Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility)
Climb Acrobatics, Perception
Diplomacy Bluff, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility), Perform (comedy), Perform (oratory), Sense Motive
Disable Device Knowledge (engineering), Perception
Disguise Bluff, Perception, Perform (act)
Handle Animal Knowledge (nature)
Heal Knowledge (nature)
Intimidate Bluff, Knowledge (local), Perform (act), Perform (oratory)
Linguistics Knowledge (history), Perception
Profession Knowledge (applicable subject)
Ride Handle Animal
Sense Motive Perception
Sleight of Hand Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform (act)
Spellcraft Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion)
Survival Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes), Perception
* Note: not all of the skills listed here are valid for each situation. Always ask the DM if a check might be applicable before rolling a synergy skill check.

Skill Minimums

Every elite character (including all PCs) receive a minimum of two skill points per hit-die regardless of their class, favored class, and/or intelligence bonus.

House Skill Rolls

Knowledge (Local)
Knowledge (Local) skills are a taken individually for regions including but not limited to the following:

  • Born and Raised: Characters raised in a given area receive a +4 circumstance bonus to knowledge (local) checks in that region, this bonus may be split between regions if the character moved around during their childhood.
  • Lay of the land:Characters who complete an adventure in a region receive a +1 cumulative circumstance bonus to knowledge (local) checks in that region.
  • Going Native: Characters who spend more than a year in a given region receive a +2 circumstance bonus to knowledge (local) checks in that region.

Any character who receives any of the bonuses described above may use the knowledge (local) skill for that region untrained.
Note that as circumstance bonses none of these bonuses stack.

Knowledge Local does not provide information regarding the physiology of humanoids, Knowledge (Nature) fills this role instead. Knowledge (Local) does however provide details of specific customs of humanoids in the region.

At the end of any movement you make during your turn note your direction of travel to resolve changes in direction in your next turn.
At the end of your turn you make come to a complete stop by making a DC 15 fly check to hover. If you succeed at this check you may take off in any direction on your next turn.

A character with ranks in a craft skill may use it to sell treasure. This functions in exactly the same way as Profession (Merchant) detailed below.

Escape Artist
Those with knowledge of how to escape knots and bindings are more apt at ensuring others can't. Any character with ranks in Escape Artist may use the skill to tie up a pinned, restrained, or unconscious opponent by using the Escape artist check in place of their CMB modifier. The bonus for the the DC to escape the bonds is equal to 20 + your Escape Artist skill (instead 20 + your Combat Maneuver Bonus).

Handle Animal
Animals trained to fight may do so with armor. Any animal trained for war may fight with armor, they receive armor proficiency as a bonus feat. Putting armor on such an animal requires their handler to make a DC 10 Handle animal check and takes twice as long as it would take a character to don the applicable form of armor. The types of armor an animal may wear in this manner is dependent upon the type of training it receives:

  • Animals trained for either Fighting or Guarding receive light armor proficiency as a bonus feat.
  • Animals who have Combat Training receive light and medium armor proficiency as bonus feats.

Characters may demoralize an opponent they threaten in melee combat using the intimidate skill as a move action rather than a standard action. If a character, has an ability that would speed up intimidate, such as the intimidating glare barbarian rage power, the action becomes a swift action. Characters use the normal standard action to intimidate creatures they do not threaten.

Profession (Merchant)
Characters may use profession merchant to sell goods they acquire over the course of the adventure.
Selling uncommon commodities like art objects, magic items, land, etc can be a time consuming process, following leads and convincing wealthy buyers. Make profession checks each week keeping track of the net result. Once the cumulative result of the checks is equal to the item's GP value the item may be sold for full price.

For exceptionally valuable items, characters may wish to take 10 on their check and divide the item's price by the result to determine how long it will take to find a buyer.

At the DM's discretion certain expensive items or exotic items may not be salable, particularly in smaller settlements.

Bonuses to checks made to sell of goods:

Large Town +2
Large City +4
Metropolis +6
Valuable Item 100gp-9,999 gp +2
Valuable Item 10,000 gp +4
Diplomacy Check +Synergy bonus
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