4.?? Silendel

As the party followed the satyrs through the swamp, Izûn-Zîn walked alongside Silendel, the Satyr whom he befriended the first night the party came to Blackdark's lair. After a while, Izûn-Zîn spoke:
"So after this, where will you go?"
"Without Blackdark around, I suppose we'll be free to return to the woods and do whatever we like," Silendel replied.
The two of them continued to walk along as Silendel and the other Satyrs guided the party along the trail where the golden flowers had lain before they had begun gathering them.
"I have another idea, Silendel," the Drughu began cautiously.
"My home is in the woods near Skyhold, the town where these friends live. You can come live with me there. It would be good to have some help take care of the woods and the forest creatures, especially when I can't be there," Izûn-Zîn suggested.
"You'd have me live in your home?" Silendel asked.
"If you'd like," Izûn offered, his voice bubbled with his excitement, though his expression remained as calm as ever. "It's a cosy home, but the roof keeps it dry, and my bed is warm…"
"I'm sure it is, friendly drughu, but tell me, how shall I entertain myself when you are not around?" The satyr inquired.
"Well, besides the flora and fauna of the woods," Zîn reminded Silendel, as he thought of what else would sweeten the deal for the Satyr, "I know that wild grapes and sweet roots grow in the hills; we could ferment wine and spirits, if that is a craft you enjoy."
"It rather is, as fact would have it," Silendel confirmed.
"And the town of Skyhold is always growing, should you desire to entertain any company, you likely wouldn't have to look too far. There are often adventurous humans wandering about the countryside," the drughu exaggerated slightly.
"I'm sure there are," the satyr laughed.
Izûn-Zîn probably would have blushed were he human.
"I must at least come see what the fuss is about, my dear Izûn."
"You won't be disappointed," Izûn-Zîn reassured him as they continued following the missing trail.

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