Race: Half Kobold, Half Silver Dragon
Class Levels: Wizard 18
Status: Dead NPC
Shimin was a tallented wizard who founded the Worldrunners in order to combat the growing Ludimarite Menace. Shimin lived on an island off the coast of Karalon near Aire which bore his name. His mother, Queen Nymbrixion of the council of the wyrms, was killed durring the exilic war and her broken body was used as a conduit for Tusk to reenter the world from the abyss. Tusk once defeated was imprisoned in a recamia gem, which therefore bound Nymbrixion as well. These gems were used to fuel the ascention of Ludimar. Thus an underlying motive for Shimin's resistance to the ludimarites was his ultimate desire to see his mother freed.

Shimin nearly suceeded at this goal when worldrunner agents (the PCs) located recamia Tusk in the a secured vault in Athalin. Unfortunatelly the gem was recaptured by Dorenesi's elite guard and Shimin was shortly thereafter put to death for treason.

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