Shard Of Aurawing

Shard of Aurawing

Gnome Artifact

Aurawing was a sacred relic of a bygone age. When the first gnomes the world arrived from their home plane of Bytopia they found a curious race of beings akin to elves but which much shorter lifespans. The blade is seen to represent the twin races and it is felt that when the two are reunited it will symbolize the renewal of the ancient alliance. The blade was shattered centuries ago when it was wielded in a useless war by a haughty gnome king by the name of Graduin Valerosenuggermuggian and since its destruction it is felt that the mythology surrounding the blade must have been overblown. There are however factions within the gnomish community who feel that the scattered portions of the blade may be reforged one day and that its destiny may be fulfilled.


Image © Michael Sheridan, used with permission

Aurawing sundered shortsword: +2 Shocking Small Dagger
Special Purpose: Defeat/slay undead and outsiders with the evil subtype
Dedicated Power: Haste on its owner 1/day
Strong evocation and transmutation; CL 20.

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