3.?? The Seven Stages of Grief

The Seven Stages of Grief
(After seeing your girlfriend strung up like salami in a scrying mirror.)

  1. Shock: Physiological reaction – irregular heart rate, poor circulation, loss of co-ordination, trouble swallowing, temporary loss of spell-casting abilities and/or continence.
  2. Denial: That’s not her. It’s just someone who looks a lot like her, wearing the amulet you gave her. She can’t be helpless, either. It’s all a clever plan to lure Maugan out into the open and then she’ll leap out and dispatch him once and for all. Any second now.
  3. Anger: Why did she have to go and get herself captured for, anyways. Doesn’t she know how busy you are right now. There’s a war on and everything. You don’t have time right now to play “damsel in distress” with a tarrasque on the loose and whole lot of family issues to work out. Ugh; this is so typical.
  4. Depression: Why did this have to happen now? I should have been there to protect you. Why couldn’t you just run away? This is all your fault – nobody told you to get caught. This is all my fault – I should have known this would happen. Do I want to go on living in a world without you?
  5. Bargaining: Maybe if I talk to Maugan about this calmly and rationally he’ll let her go, I know. I’ll trade her for Starr. He’ll go for that, and Starr can fight her way out of anything. What if I promise to stop the tarrasque before it eats his house and all the children therein if he lets Meira go free? That’ll work.
  6. Panic: OMG OMG OMG What it’s a time delayed image and she’s already dead. OMG OMG OMG What if it’s really her and he’s been working for them all along? OMG OMG OMG What if she blames me for not being there to stop all this from happening? OMG OMG OMG. What if she still loves me?
  7. Acceptance: Okay: there’s only one thing for it – we have to rescue her; whether that means falling into a fiendish trap or crippling the enemy from the inside, one way or another – action is the only option. Who’s with me?

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