Second Wind

At irregular intervals during an adventuring day characters have a chance to recover their breath, spend a few moments in prayer, meditation, sharpening blades, or studying a spellbook. A second wind is declared by the GM and gives the players a number of options.

  • Health An conscious character may recover 1/4 of their total hit points, and removes up to half their total hp in non-lethal damage.
  • Spell You may regain the use of one spell of at least one level lower than the maximum spell level you can cast or two spells of half or less the maximum level you can cast. A spontenous caster regains spell slots, casters who prepare spells may prepare new spells
  • Class ability you may regain uses or rounds of any class ability you possess such as Barbarian's rage rounds or alchemist bombs. Divide your total number of uses per day by three, round up. this is the number of uses.
  • Material Discovery By looking among your belongings and newly acquired treasure and perhaps doing some macguivering you may produce a single useful item worth up to your class level in gp. This item is often fragile and may not survive beyond it's first 1d6 uses. Certain rare or overtly specialized items will be barred by the GM, for instance reciving a specific key would not work, lock picks may however be possible.
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