Sarthorn (Sáregris)


Orc Name: Sáregris (SAH-reg-riss)
Sáregris is the north-easternmost and second largest island of the Teeth. It is inhabited by no less than sixteen major tribes of humans and orcs, and has two permanent settlements: the ports of Cormuk and Dachoen. A large peninsula called Sáreschenth (SAH-resh-shenth), or Sarfang, extends southwards and curves eastward towards Mazavi. It is bordered by the Great Ocean to the north, the Saren Channel to the west, and the Mazavi Sea to the southeast. The East Echer Sea is to the south of Sáreschenth.


Human name: Tayoun (tie-OWN, or tae-OON)
Population: about 14 000
Languages spoken: Orc, Athalish, Thausic
The orcish town of Dachoen and the surrounding lands, including much of the Risigroedh Sthorl and surrounding woods, are ruled by Lord Grischagh of the Rihesoech-hordh. Dachoen, the largest city in the Orc’s Teeth, is a port town located in a deep gulf bearing its name in northeastern Sáregris. Its population is mostly orcish, but also includes a fair number of half-orcs, some other humanoids, and a small but sturdy population of humans. The orcish history of Dachoen began when Chief Glornagh and Chief Draegagh (DRY-gagh) allied their tribes in order to take the trading port of Tayoun from the human colonists from Karalon who had founded it. Had Chief Draegagh not been killed during the invasion, a power struggle could have escalated to a civil war, which would have lead to its early downfall. After Chief Draegagh was killed in the battles, then Chief Glornagh proclaimed himself Lord of Dachoen, and invited the members of the Ochaboedhgrad-hordh to join the Groenororn-hordh as his citizens of Dachoen. Strategically, he named the leading shaman of the Ochaboedhgrad his Official Advisor, ensuring that none would refuse his offer. The unified orcs expanded and refortified the town into the city, much as it stands at present. The previous Lord of Tayoun’s manor had been converted into a temple to Lelorgh the one-eye (whom humans call Gruumsh) and a new keep was constructed for Lord Glornagh at the site where the walls of Tayoun first fell. Since that time, Dachoen has ever been a safe port for pirates, attracting ships from all the seas to its harbour. Lord Glornagh had a small fleet of converted trading ships at his disposal, operating as trading vessels though the islands as well as privateering ships that stole from other trading ships and sometimes commandeered new vessels to join the fleet. Trade, primarily exportation of arms forged in the city's many smithies, and Glornagh’s privateers proved very profitable for the orcs of Dachoen, and its society thrived. Dachoen suffered a serious setback, however, when the Ludimarite army attacked and took over Dachoen with the very weapons forged by the orcs' smithies. Fortunately, when the war was over, the orcs were able to retake their city, with the aid of the humans who had once been their enemies. As the Groenororn-hordh had been decimated in its conflicts in the Ludimarite wars, primarily at the seige of Cormuk, the city is now under the reign of Lord Grischagh, son of Chief Bralchagh of the Rihesoech-hordh, who allied with the returning Groenororn to help expel the Ludimarites. since the war, the city of Dachoen has regained much of its former glory. The nights at Dachoen are filled with activity including trading, warrior training, construction, and merrymaking. The primary difference between pre-war Dachoen and post-war Dachoen is the city's acceptance of human citizens, who had previously only been residenced only as slaves, in acknowledgement of their alliance in defeating the Ludimarites. This has lead to a growing human quarter in the south-east of the city.


The Groenororn-hordh (Fire-glare tribe) was once a powerful tribe of relatively civilized orcs. The tribe merged with the former Ochaboedhgrad-hordh (Red-shadow tribe) of northern Sáregris under the leadership of Lord Glornagh. The Ochaboedhgrad joined the Groenororn as allies to raid a large trading outpost named Tayoun established by westerners of Karalon, and largely populated by allied tribes of native humans. The orcish tribes’ numerous giants and considerable numbers made a mockery of the port’s defenses and the humans were massacred wholesale. The invasion of Ludimarites from Mazavi proved a mighty setback for the tribe. Although its numbers have recovered steadily since the end of the war, their numbers remain less than half of what they had been at the height of Lord Glornagh's reign in Dachoen. The majority of Groenororn live in that city. While many of the Groenororn-hordh are loyal to chief Grischagh, there are some who look to the leader of the Rihesoech-hordh with envy, awaiting eagerly the day when the Groenororn-hordh will rise again in power and take back the throne of Dachoen.


(okh-ab-OITH-grad-HORTH) Historical
The Ochaboedhgrad-hordh (Red-shadow tribe) formerly occupied lands in and to the west of the Glaen Glasth (Guardian Hills) of Sáregris. Under the leadership of Chief Draegagh (DRYE-gagh), the Ochaboedhgrad-hordh allied with the Groenororn-hordh on a daring campaign to invade the human settlement of Tayoun, which had been long seen as a threat to orcish dominance in eastern Sáregris. The tribe marched through a valley in the Glaen Glasth leading down through the Risigroedh Sthorl (Fruitful Marshes) onto Tayoun.


The Rihesoech-hordh (Wet-wind tribe) has been the ruling tribe of the city of Dachoen since the deafeat of Ludimar. They formerly occupied the lands of the northeasternmost shores of Sáregris and the hills of the Glegnoegh Iboeg (Coal Mountains), though that territory has shifted to the southern half of the hills and the land surrounding Dachoen since the Rihesoech-hordh has retaken that city. Much of the northern portion of their former lands has since been yielded to their rivals, the Rornislorng-hordh. Their Chief, Lord Grischagh rules Dachoen and has influence over most of the island, and his name is now known throughout the Orc's Teeth. His father, Bralchagh (bral-khagh) had allied himself strongly with Lord Glornagh, the previous lord of Dachoen. When the Groenororn-hordh were driven from Dachoen, the Rihesoech fell back to their strongholds in the Glegnoegh Iboeg, which they managed to keep defended during the length of the Ludimarite occupation. Other tribes in eastern Sarthorn did not fare as well, leaving the Rihesoech-hordh with the numbers and strength to deal the final blow to the invaders and then rise to prominence.


The Glisthag-hordh (Tall-spear tribe) was formerly the largest tribe on Sáregris, before the unification of the Groenororn-hordh and the Ochaboedhgrad-hordh. The tribe occupies land to the south of Dachoen. Before the Ludimarite war, then-Chief Igraughagh (ig-RAO-ghagh) was an ally of Lord Glornagh of Dachoen, despite old tribal rivalry. The tribe suffered heavy losses during the Ludimarite war during repeated attempts to repulse the undead army from the island. The Glisthag-hordh now is unfriendly with Dachoen and the Rihesoech-hordh, who do not honour their past alliance with the Groenororn-hordh. Chief Gnalblagas is anxious for his tribe to regain its former strength, so as to take the city for their own.

Fallspike tribe

The Fallspike tribe (Belauchrogris-hordh) is a human tribe currently occupying the easternmost hills of Sarthorn of the Glén Schichae (Cutting Peaks). They previously had been major trading partners of Tayoun, which favoured to deal with the human tribes over the orcs. After the fall of Tayoun, trade with the outside had all but been extinguished, but since the Ludimarite invasion, Dachoen has been more willing to deal with humans.


The Schichesrinth-hordh (Sharp-sword tribe) is a mixed tribe with an orcish leader, Chief Groenagh. This is another tribe holding territory in eastern Sáregris. They are rivals of the Glisthag-hordh, and exchange many violent encounters with branches of that tribe.


Orcish name: Chorbmach (KHORB-makh)
Population: near 5160
Languages Spoken: Athalish, Thausic, Orc
Cormuk is a small colonial human settlement in northwest Sarthorn. After the fall of Tayoun to the orcs, the traders of western Karalon who were unwilling to deal directly with the orcs of Dachoen established this new trading port some hundred miles to the west. This port, located on the Saren Channel, is farther and more difficult to sail to than Dachoen, and so many ships, particularly those from the Ludimarite held portions of Mazavi, prefer to deal with the orcs of Dachoen. Since the departure of the Ochaboedhgrad-hordh, the tribes that occupy northwestern Sáregris are mostly friendly to the human settlers. Regular trade is conducted with the Swifteagle, the Ogloglord, and the Speargrass tribes, and limited contact is made with the Holghidors-hordh and the Endhesthaung-hordh. After the loss of Tayoun, the human settlers of Cormuk have taken great pains to ensure that history will not repeat itself. The city is considerably fortified and trains numerous knights and war mages to ensure that their home remains unmolested. This was of fortuitously vital importance when, in MR 8221, the forces of Ludimar laid siege to the town. Thanks to the efforts of an early group of Worldrunners and reinforcements from the Athalish navy, the town survived the siege and in the end, the Ludimarite war.

Swifteagle tribe

The Swifteagle tribe (Blehaured-hordh) is a tribe of humans who presently live in the Gheloed Anau (White Woods) to the north of Cormuk. since the founding of Cormuk, the tribe has been doing regular trade with that town.


The Ogloglord-hordh (Darkstone tribe) is a mixed tribe with a half-orc leader who currently occupy the lands to the west of Cormuk, and sometimes venture to the smaller islands off the coast of those lands, Gol Glaegh and Gol Reld. This tribe regularly trades with the inhabitants of Cormuk.


The Rornislorgn-hordh (Burning-entrails tribe) is another mixed tribe that inhabits the hills of the Glegnoegh Iboeg and northern coast of Sáregris. The tribe is known for being exceptionally dangerous and brutal. They are rivals of the Rihesoech-hordh.

Speargrass tribe

the Speargrass tribe (Sthagasaelth-hordh) is a predominately human tribe that roams the lowlands to the southeast of Cormuk. Since the departure of the Ochaboedhgrad-hordh, the Speargrass have enjoyed a much larger undisputed territory. This tribe is one of the friendliest towards the new settlement of Cormuk, and trades with them frequently.


The Holghidors-hordh (Yellow-bone tribe) is a predominately orcish tribe that lives on the southwestern coast of Sáregris, including the Gheloed Loch (Pole Forest) and as far as the Auris Chal (Tongue Inlet). On occaision this tribe makes contact with the traders of Cormuk.


The Endhesthaugn-hordh (Green-mud tribe) is a half-orc tribe that lives in the hills of the Glegnoegh Regnor (Iron Mountains) of Sáregris, usually keeping to the north of the mountains. This tribe, though located far from Cormuk across dificult terrain, is sought out for its riches in diamonds and other gems they procure form the mountains.

Mountainlion tribe

The Mountainlion tribe (Glaegnighehigraugh-hordh) is a human tribe that lives in southern Sarthorn, near Ragorth Bay. They recently migrated from Sarfang, after a long conflict with the Quickspear tribe.


The Ochagrisith-hordh (Red-thorn tribe) is an orcish tribe occupying lands in the southeast of Sáregris.


Orc name: Sáreschenth (SAH-resh-shenth)
This large peninsula stretches out from the far south of Sáregris. It has a semi-arid region on its western coast, at the foot of a couple mountains. It is home to three major tribes.


The Braucholen-hordh (Angry-hand tribe) is an orcish tribe that lives on the semi-arid northwest coast and hills of Sáreschenth. This tribe has lived in this area for a very long time and knows the terrain exceptionally well. The hills are disorienting and it is easy for a foreigner to get lost; the Braucholen use this to their advantage.

Quickspear tribe

The Quickspear tribe (Blosthaug-hordh) is a human tribe that ranges from the rugged eastern coast of Sarfang to the flat lowlands to the south. This tribe recently successfully drove the Mountainlion tribe out of Sarfang.


The Regnodhauld-hordh (Ironshield tribe) is a mixed tribe that occupies the most southern regions of Sáreschenth. This tribe routinely raids the human Bloodstone tribe that inhabits the island of Neartooth.

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