3.08 Saelchigh Sthigae
Location: The Stygian Floes

As HräshHläng drifted to sleep, slung in the largest hammock in the ship's berth, the trail of thoughts of the last couple day's events slowly merged into their dreams.
Hräsh ran down a maze of ice caves, evenually the light burst through an opening and he was outside. But instead of being on an ice floe, now he was running out of a glacier in the side of a mountatin. As he ran down the mountainside, he somehow felt these were the Glegnoegh Iboeg, and it was like that first cold morning he ran out of his parents' cave. He glanced around; he was alone.
He was alone.
“Hläng! Where are you?”
All of a sudden he felt the dire need to find Hläng, as though he were a lost child in a market square. He ran down the mountainside, almost tripping and falling several times, until he came to the shores of a silvery lake. He walked up to the shore and looked down at the highly reflective surface.
“Hläng,” he gasped.
“Hräsh!” his reflection answered back.
His reflection burst through the waters of the lake. It was Hläng, or rather, the merrow dream version of Hläng. He got up out of the waters and approached Hräsh.
“We need to get to that hill.”
“What hill?” Hräsh asked.
“That one, through the jungle.”
Hräsh turned around, and the glacial peaks of the Glegnoegh Iboeg were replaced by the rolling jungles of Mazavi.
“Quick.” Hräsh turned and the pair ran through the jungles for the hill.
«This must be a dream,» Hräsh thought. «I'd never follow a direction from Hläng without question so quickly…»
As the pair ran on, they reached the base of the hill. When they got there, they ran into three hill giants. It was Gäshen, Lehem, and Smohli.
“You've grown so large, HräshHläng,” Gäshen said, as though they were still one entity.
Lehem plucked out his eyeballs and approaching Hläng, offered them to him. They fell into Hläng's hand and promptly turned into two black onyx. Hläng glanced back up, and the giants' flesh began to melt off, as they transformed before their eyes into zombies, who, raising their arms, reached out to attack them.
Hräsh raised his sword to attack the zombies, but before he could, a warrior-woman rose up behind the zombie-giants, and with a single strike, cut off their heads. She walked over to Hräsh and Hläng. To Hräsh she turned first, and handed him her sword, which turned to flames in his hands, though it did not burn him. She then turned to Hläng, opening her mouth as though to speak, but instead a cat emerged from her mouth. She took it and handed it to Hläng. It quickly grew into a large lion, but did not attack him.
The lion roared and suddenly the ettin awoke. They were back on the ship, in their hammock. The two rarely started awake at exactly the same moment; but this time they did, exchanging identical looks.


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