Ring Of Citizenship

This adamantine ring inlaid with a band of tiger’s eye marks its wearer as a special citizen of the Athalish empire. The ring can be employed at will to change the wearer to a Human, Dwarf or Halfling which will allow the wearer to participate in the society of the Athalish Empire. This change is treated as Alter Self except that it may change the base type of the wearer. The wearer retains its ability scores but assumes the modifiers of the new form rather than their regular modifiers. Any equipment carried by the wearer is sized so as to be appropriate for the new form, items leaving the possession of the wearer assume their regular size. The ring’s effect is permanent in duration though it may be dismissed as a standard action or if the ring is removed. Each ring is keyed to one wearer and is non-functional for all others.

The ring is recognizable by members of the Athalish aristocracy and military and grants a +2 non-magical circumstance bonus to charisma checks and charisma based skills made to influence such individuals.

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