Republic Of Dallaros

Dallaros is a curious nation composed of small folk. The windswept plains and shifting deserts of this land are home to a resourceful civilization of gnomes and halflings. The capital of Dallaros is Dallan, which is located on the edge of the great Desert of Dal; in this city the national council sits. Dallan itself is represented by a pair of magistrates; one elected by the gnomish population, and a second by the halflings. The towns of Thromb, Nazelbrook, Bremstingham, Dlinf, and the city of Everwater also have seats on the council. Each year one of the seven council members is re-elected causing the council of Dallan to shift subtlety each year.

The economies of Dallaros centre around sand mining and agriculture as well as open trade with Meridian to the north. Sand mining is a process developed by the gnomes whereby many useful minerals, including iron, salt, and even diamond dust can be extracted from the sands of the Dal desert. The process is uniquely suited to the very rich composition of the Great Desert. Attempts to employ the process elsewhere in the world have always been met with complete failure. Over the generations, sand mining techniques have grown more elaborate, often relying on alchemy, magic, and mechanical methods. The gnomes in the region are renowned for their ability to fashion mundane yet spectacular clockwork tools and devices. Enchanted clockwork is not unheard of in the region but carries a stigma in the culture. Many gnome spellcasters enamoured with creating ever more intricate enchanted devices have been seduced by Mechalus.

Mechalus represents a deep threat to the nation of Dallaros, more than many outsiders would understand. Firstly, the order and discipline commanded by Mechalus runs contrary to the Dallish notions of government and culture. Secondly, the church of Mechalus is the dominant religion in Athalin where halflings are treated as little more than slaves, and gnomes are treated as outright refuse. Converts to Mechalus are usually very silent about their faith for fear of being treated as a traitors and heretics. The church of Rosmertha is the state religion of Dallaros. The clergy of Valalique maintain a few small chapels in the major urban centres for the sake of humans who visit on merchant caravans from Meridian. Curiously, disreputable faiths have an open presence here. Rosmertha is a pacifistic deity, so the soldiers of the nation turn their attentions to Goloas in times of strife. Similarly, funeral chapels of Ludimar dot the landscape where mourners beseech the god of death to let their loved ones sleep easily.

Eastern Veldt
The eastern regions of Dallaros are made up of a rolling veldt, which are relatively dry yet provide acceptable farmlands. Some individuals from the coastal settlements of Bremstingham and Ichnie engage in fishing, but maritime focus is set more on naval endeavors. The small powerful ships of the Dallish fleet employ incredible speed and alchemical fire-spewing weapons to quickly dispatch foes in the Sea of Dal as well as the western reaches of the West Echer Sea. The fleet would likely be overpowered by the larger and more numerous ships of Athalin were they to invade, however, the ships of Dallaros prove very effective against Echerian trading ships. Dallish privateers have, over the last two generations, essentially ended all maritime trade between the settlements of Western Echer. Greedy Dallish merchants do maintain eyes in Asten and will sometimes arrive to trade food for ore when the haul is closed over the winter and supplies are running low. This practice is seen in a dim light by the populace of Asten, who put up with it only due to the pressing need for sustenance and supplies. The village of Polemus, located on the edge of the Marlus Forest, is a small elven village from before the establishment of Dallaros as a nation. The elves have dwindled to the point where there are less than a dozen left living there, and gnomes and halflings now make up the majority of the populace. The village is seen as a safe refuge from the wild forest beasts who often attack travelers on the road between Dallan and Brestingham.

The Great Desert of Dal
This land of shifting sands provides mineral wealth to the people of Dallaros. Caravans of sand miners wander the wastes chasing after the richest sands as they are blown around by the strong coastal winds. The desert has a sympathy towards fire and earth causing rain to be a rarity in this coastal region. The town of Everwater is the site of an ancient spring and is used as a restocking point for caravans in the eastern reaches of the the desert. Caravans in the richer sands of the west must bring spellcasters with them or pack immense reserves of water in order to operate away from all natural sources of water. The western reaches of the Desert of Dal are perilous as many of the demons who emerged during the fall of Donlin over a century ago have made their home in this region. Rumours abound of a pit fiend who has established an abyssal kingdom in the western sands.

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