The world pantheon is organized primarily along racial lines. The majority of each race venerates the patron deity of its species. Such deities are believed to be the architects and makers of each race in question. Some sects, including a large portion of the church of Angelique, consider the worship of any but the primary racial deity to be openly blasphemous, while more moderate adherents allow for looser interpretations. In most cases, cultural ties bind individuals to the beliefs of their people without the need for sanctions.

The racial deities represent most of the developed churches of the world. However, there are alternate deities and modes of belief that direct their focus not to the deity responsible for the creation of the race, but rather to other fields of interest. Such beliefs may minimize the role of racially based beliefs, or might even come into direct conflict with them, as is presently the case between the churches of Angelique and Ludimar.

Deities by Domain and Favored Weapon:

Name Title Alignment Domains Favored Weapon
Angelique / Valalique Lady of Mercies, Patron of Humanity NG Good, Healing, Nobility Heavy Mace
- Kora Hope’s Beacon LG Community, Protection, Law Sword (any)
- Anastal Saint Lionheart CG War, Strength, Glory Hand and a Half Sword
- Nithalus Saint The Elder LG Magic, Knowledge Dagger
- Tolast Saint The Nomad CG Travel, Luck Quarterstaff
- Caelum & Maugan Saints The Brothers NG Trickery, Death Quarterstaff & Scythe
Ashaneron The Phoenix, revered by Metallic Dragons CG Fire, Sun, Good, Protection, Artifice Morning Star
Ataras Patron of Elves CG Charm, Good, Protection, War, Magic, Knowledge. Longsword
Odenthor The Earth Father, Patron of Dwarves LG Artifice, Earth, Protection, Good, Rune, Strength Warhammer
- Fronzegarde Dwarven Ancestor The War Maiden LG War, Liberaton Dwarven War Axe
Rosmertha Patron of Halflings, protector of Gnomes NG Charm, Community, Protection, Luck, Trickery, Plant Short Sword
Tusk Patron of Dragons NE Destruction, Draconic, Evil, Trickery Heavy Flail (Bite)
Lelorgh Patron of Orcs CE Chaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, War Spear
Shadowsilk Goddess of Arachnids, revered by Drow CE Arachnid, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Trickery Whip
Gaia The Tree Spirit N Animal, Plants, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Weather Sickle
Ludimar The God-lich LE Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, Magic Scythe
Goloas The Warlord CN Destruction, Glory, Strength, War Longsword
- Fensha The Brine Queen CN Chaos, Water, Weather Rapier
Mechalus The Judicator LN Artifice, Law, Nobility Strength, Protection Heavy Mace
Sistrix Patron of the Darasti n/a n/a n/a

Angelique Patron of Humanity, The Lady of Mercies. NG

Angelique, who crafted humans, is a relative newcomer in the pantheon. Prior to becoming a racial patron, she acted as consort to Ataras, god of the elves, and much of her handiwork expressed in humankind bears unmistakable resemblance to her lover’s elves. Angelique is also known as Valalique, her elven name. Angelique is a dynamic deity who delights with each new generation of her relatively short-lived creations, but is still careful to care for those who ultimately come to her at the end of their days.


The church of Angelique enriches its theology by venerating a selection of saints beyond Angelique herself. These represent not only legendary humans and celestials, but also minor deities who have allied themselves with her. These provide priests of Angelique much greater leeway in terms of their selection of domains. Any humans choosing Angelique as their deity may choose one or both of their domains from any of the saints listed below and still be considered full-fledged members of the church.


Kora: Kora is distinguished by her apparently humble beginnings as a peasant of the then village of Donlin. According to tradition Kora was imbued with the spirit of a demi-god in the service of valalique (Known as the handmaiden spirit) and thereafter fought with two blades one of which was the Phoenix Blade. Thus armed she banished Tusk to the abyss after his rule of many centuries atop Tusk Mountain. Many theologians, particularly in eastern churches, view Kora and Anastal as being connected, if not the same individual.


Anastal: Similar to Kora, Anastal is a mortal woman warrior, the second handmaiden of Angelique. She is known to be fiercely loyal to her compatriots who include Rethe the warpriest, Phae the Archmage and Norbit the halfling. Anastal is also known for a violent and questionable past as a thug in service of Goloas. Inspired by Valalique, she rose from the darkness to became a valiant crusader, defending the helpless and exposing great festering corruption in the Mages of the Donlin Guild. Like Kora, Anastal is credited with slaying Tusk, although the legends hold that she did so with the help of a valiant band of companions. Her emblem is that of a lion, her mount, aegis, and herald Goldmayne, a celestial lion of incredible power and intellect.


Nithalus: Nithalus is a mortal wizard of incredible purity of spirit and resolve. He is known for purifying tainted places and for his nearly godlike arcane abilities. Nithalus has been credited with numerous intriguing spells and items.

Caelum & Maugan: The brothers Caelum and Maugan were champions of the Ludimarite war—opposing champions. When their parents were killed by Solstice, each was relegated to a separate orphanage. Maugan was raised in Mazavi by Ludimarites; Caelum in Lowmeadow by the followers of Valalique Valalique. Each rose to be a powerful champion of their respective faith. Near the climax of the conflict, Caelum managed to convince Maugan to turn from his evil ways, and together they led the assault on the Gorost spellpool to cripple Ludimar and turn the tide of the war. Maugan was martyred in the battle but his example endures.


Tolast: Tolast is a tragic figure, once thought to be only a myth, who's grave was found in Jotenar by Caelum. Legend tells that Tolast was a wanderer doomed to travel the world until the ends of time, never able to find a true home. Though Tolast’s journey was bittersweet, as in his travels, he always found a way to help those in need, though often at great personal sacrifice. His greatest deed, discovered many generations after his death was reconciling conflicting accounts of humanity's creation. Through his journeys he came to learn that though humans were created by Valalique were rescued by Ashaneron who was then credited with the act of creation. Humans of Jotenar and elsewhere who still venerate Ashaneron as patron consider this theology to be either laughable or blasphemous.

The church of Angelique also fosters relationships openly with other churches, while strongly recommending that the faithful stay true to their divine mother. Three of the largest such sects represent theological alliances with other major deities. Adherents to these sects may not select domains from Saintly domains, but may instead select a single domain from that of another deity. These sects include:

  • The Earth Bretheren: Allied with Odenthor, the Earth Father of the dwarves. This sect is particularly strong in Meridian where humans opened their borders to the displaced dwarven monarchy for many generations.
  • The Valal: Allied with Ataras, the maker of the elves. This sect looks to the relationship between Angelique and Ataras. The name derives for the elven term for Angelique which is Valalique.
  • Southwatchers: Allied with Rosmertha of the halflings and Protector of the Gnomes of the Prime Material Plane. This rather small sect consists of adherents with strong ties to halfling realms such as Dallaros.
  • Other Sects expressing unity with other deities such as Gaia, Rosmertha or even Lelorch of the orcs are not entirely unheard of, but these are usually considered heretical by the church at large.

Ashaneron: The Phoenix, revered by metalic dragons
Ashaneron, also known as the Phoenix, is an ancient deity closely allied with Valalique and Ataras. Ashaneron is most often seen as a formidable eagle type creature wreathed in flame and capable of resurrecting himself. He is patron to no known race but is widely revered for redeeming or rescuing the creations of other deities. Ashaneron and Tusk are ancient enemies for Asheneron turned many of Tusk's dragons against him. Ashaneron created the first of the Metallic dragons from morally minded Chromatic dragons. To this day it is not unheard of for dragons undergo the same ancient ritual calling on ashanerons redemption to become metallic wyrms. Ashaneron saved the people of Donlin from the fires of the abyss by scattering them throughout the world, and throughout time (past and future) such cultures include the Audelians, the folk of Jotenar, and countless others. Many of these have since forgotten their creator Angelique and venerate Ashaneron as their primary deity. Ashaneron is also credited as a master smith and is known to have created many potent weapons, including the Phoenix blade itself, perhaps the most legendary of all blades affiliated with the human race. Clerics of Valalique or Ataras may select the Fire or Sun domains by venerating Ashaneron as a saint.

Ataras: Patron of Elves CG
Ataras is the creator of the elven race. A father figure, he is to the elves and those who follow him a source of magic, culture, poetry, art, civilisation, and protection.
Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, War, Magic, Knowledge

Odenthor: Patron of Dwarves, The Earth Father, LG
The creator of the dwarves, Odenthor, is a god of craft and strength. He represents these and other qualities upheld by dwarves such as art, engineering, smithing, and war.
Domains: Earth, Protection, Law, Good, Strength

Fronzegarde: Ancestral Hero, LG
Fronzegarde a century ago lead the campaign to free Lothis Breck from the hated Duergar, she is a companion of Anastal and a beacon of the union between Humans and Dwarves in the west. Her favored arms are a dwarven war axe and tower shield. She is considered the paragon of dwarven defenders everywhere.
Domains: War, Liberation

Rosmertha: Patron of Halflings and Protector of the Gnomes of the prime material plane, NG
Rosmertha is the creator and protector of the halfling race. She has the added responsibilities of caring for a large number of gnomes who have migrated to the prime material plane from the plane of Bytopia over the years. She espouses stalwart defense of halfling and gnome communities, through innovative means.
Domains: Good, Protection, Luck, Trickery, Plant

Tusk: Patron of Evil Dragonkind, NE
God of Chromatic Dragonkind
Tusk, the father of dragons is himself a formidable red dragon. Tradition holds that Tusk was originally a demon who rose to godhood and spawned the race of dragons in his own image. In recent memory Tusk has invaded the prime material plane three times wherein he was banished once by Kora, once by Anastal, and a third time near the end of the Exilic war by a mightly alliance of heroes many of whom were former associates of Voxaminer.
Domains: Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Greed, Law, Trickery

Lelorgh: Patron of Orcs, CE
Lelorgh, whose name can be interpreted either to mean "One-eye" or "Crazy-eye" is held by tradition to be the creator of all orcs. How his right eye was lost is a matter of contention, even among orcs, whose tale varies from locale to locale; often depending on who is the chief adversary of the orcs at that particular time and place. Usually an enemy's patron deity, most commonly Ataras or Odenthor, is blamed for the misdeed.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Strength, War

Shadowsilk: Patron of Arachnids, CE
Shadowsilk is a vicious deity of arachnids who in the annals of history adopted the evil drow once they were cast from the courts of Ataras. She delights in playing cruel games with the drow who are little more than playthings to her. Many who fail her tests are transformed into driders and scorpionfolk where they serve their bretheren as playthings or slaves.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Strength, War

Other religions and philosophies


Gaia: Mother Nature, N
Gaia, the way of the druid, is a religion dedicated to the worship of nature itself rather than a specific deity. Many adherents of the Gaia philosophy feel that nature is personified, by one or more dryad-like Gaia spirits of unfathomable power. Some sages hold that the Gaia spirits are in fact deities resident to the prime material plane. Most adherents to these beliefs are druids, though clerics are not unheard of, particularly in more developed areas. Gaia is also the patron of the drughu. It was reported by the remaining members of the Amici Scopuli that after the Great Sundering, the drughu druid Izûn-Zîn became the Gaia spirit of the newly formed continent of Novelia.
Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Weather


Ludimar: The God-Lich, LE
Ludimar is a terrible deity who through deception, intimidation and ruthlessness has effected a meteoric rise to power over the last century to an extent that it rivals many of the racial deities. Ludimar is always referred to as “it” rather than using a gendered pronoun. Ludimar hungers to gain in power through the creation of undead, particularly sentient undead who can hail it as their maker. It is unlikely that Ludimar is patron of the undead as its faithful claim. By most other accounts, undead pre-exist Ludimar considerably and thus it cannot be responsible for their inception. However, Ludimar pursues their propagation and creation with significant fervor. In 8222 MR it appeared that Ludimar's followers were on the verge of conquering the known world however the actions of the world runners lead by Caelum and the redeemed necromancer Maugan turned the tide during the siege of Athal City by freeing Anastal from imprisonment under the stronghold of Gorost. Since that time Ludimar has been trying to rebuild it's shattered power.
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, Magic


Goloas: The Warlord, CN
Goloas is a primal deity of conflict and warfare. He delights to hear his name as a battle cry. Goloas is worshiped by many tribes and in less civilized areas, particularly in the Orc's Teeth where he is a rival of Lelorgh amongst both orcs and humans. He may also be observed as a primary or secondary object of worship among fighting units. He is popular among mercenaries and adventurers.
Domains: War, Destruction, Strength, Luck


Fencha: The Brine Queen, CN
A orc pirate turned demon of storms, plunder, and the depths Fencha is a creature of folklore among the pirates of the orc's teeth. Many clerics of Goloas who take to the seas pay tribute to Fencha as consort to their warlord.
Domains: Chaos, Water, Weather


Mechalus: The Judicator, LN
Mechalus is an exacting deity who demands careful obedience to a set of codified rules. For most individuals these stringent demands have made the deity unpopular, but in Athalin, the worship of Mechalus is required by the state as part of an attempt to keep its massive populace peaceable despite its diversity. Mechalus employs Inevitables often as he shares much perspective with such creatures, and their goals coincide frequently. Many of the more powerful Inevitables, however, are beyond the authority of any single deity.
Domains: Law, Strength, Protection

Sistrix: Patron of the Darasti N
The Darasti’s patron deity is Sistrix, a three headed hydralike deity with silver scales. Some of the dragons who have knowledge of darast beliefs claim that Sistrix is merely a amalgamation of Tusk, Ashaneron and perhaps another deity. These claims are given credence as the Darasti claim that Sistrix has no planar realm as the entire multiverse is infact within the mind of their patron. They view the deities of the planes to be incredibly powerful yet ultimately non-divine.
Domains: Any

Martial Arts

With very few exceptions, the Pathites are loyal to Angelique. This is one of the foremost orders of monks in the world. Their monasteries are often adjunct to clerical orders.

Silent Hand:
This small, mysterious organization is native to an island in western Karalon. Monks of this stripe practice an utterly silent combat aesthetic. They have ties to the world runners.

Onyx order:
Rumours hold of secretive order of monks sworn to service of Ludimar. These monks are thought to possess the ability to slay with little more than a touch.

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