3.06 Prayers For Polemus
Location: Polemus

Hläng: For Lady Imdalace?

Hräsh: Yes.

Hläng: But… *scratches his head* we knew her less than a day.

Hräsh: That's not important. What's important is what she DID.

Hläng: She died.

Hräsh: She didn't just die.

Hläng: She didn't?

Hräsh: No. If she didn't die, the whole town would have.

Hläng: It's a shame.

Hräsh: Why?

Hläng: Well, she already died once; and to have to die again. It wasn't even her fault the townspeople got sick. They weren't even other elves. Why'd she do it?

Hräsh: Well, her whole life was spent protecting those people. What good would that have been if she just let them die? *draws his sword*

Hläng: I hadn't thought of it like that. But now that she's dead, she can't protect the people anymore. *looks around* So why did we come here?

Hräsh: Because it had to mean something. *gets down on his knee*

Hläng: What does it mean?

Hräsh: …I'm not sure yet. *closes his eyes and rests his forehead on the hilt of his sword*

Hlang: Hunh. *looks up at the statue of St. Kora*

HräshHläng: Chris

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