4.07 Prankster

Tamarack was in boisterous spirits after a phenominally successful and exciting day underground.  After cleaning her hammers and making sure Kianna was fed, she left the girl to her much treasured new books and strolled, whistling, to the Gosling.

After a couple of ales, plenty of tales about her recent exploits, and shameless showing off of her new hammer, her mood had only risen higher, and it seemed to be contagious.  The place was loud and raucous, and soon Chargurt had gotten out his bagpipes and began blasting out some merry tunes.

It took only one more ale to get Tam dancing on the tables.  There was nothing particularly graceful about her dancing, nor her singing for that matter, but when Chargurt began playing a tune she knew, she burst into song with full enthusiasm.

"A wee drap o' whisky I tak' when I'm weary, my blood for to warm and my spirits to cheer!" she belted out, stomping and clapping along.  "And when I sit doon I intend to be merry, so fill up a bumper and bring it round here!"

Tam grabbed the nearest pretty wench by the hands and twirled her around.

"I can scarce get a hauf oor when I am weary; to tell you the truth I am wrocht very sore.  My ploo and my lassie are a' my whole pleasure—we'll baith tak' a kiss an' hae a drap mair!"

She let go the laughing wench and hopped up on the bar.

"Come noble waiter, bring in a large measure!" she went on, even more raucously, "I mean hauf a mutchkin, the best o' the toon!  An' when it is drunken, it's time to be joggin, wi' the lightest o' care we'll gang toddlin' hame!"

She bowed graciously to her applauding audience and plopped onto a stool.  Chargurt put away his bagpipes and cozied up behind her.

"Hope ye won't be toddlin' hame too fast, lovey," he murmured, breathing in her ear.

"Ah, go find yerself a cold bath," she teased, shrugging him off.  But while she always played these games with Chargurt, she actually was beginning to feel like she needed a break from him.

But as he proceeded to slip strings of compliments into her ear - bonnie and buxom and all that - she began to grin. Not because she loved the compliments, but because she was remembering the magic ring Taylar had given her, currently sitting in her pocket and waiting to be put to good use.  She thought of an extremely amusing way to use it tonight, a way that would also likely get Chargurt off her back for a while.

He noticed her private grin.  "Is that a 'yes'?" he hoped.

"A'right, let's go upstairs," she agreed.  As she climbed the stairs and entered the room behind the eager barkeep she had to bite her lip to keep from giggling.

From behind their closed door came the usual quiet shufflings of intimacy, but suddenly in the throes there was a brief silence, followed by a bellow of horror that every soul at the Gosling heard clearly, as well as a number of passers-by on the street.

Chargurt came thundering down the stairs, pale-faced and still climbing into his clothes.

Tamarack followed several moments later, roaring with laughter and also tucking her clothing back into place.  "Char, c'mon!" she giggled.  "It was a joke—just a lark!"

He pointedly ignored her and disappeared behind the bar, his face now blushing a furious red.

"Darling—laddie!" Tam chuckled, leaning over the bar.  "Don't be cross!  Oh, y' should've seen yer face…" She collapsed into uncontrollable laughter once again, dropping her head into her hands.

Chargurt was inconsolable, so Tamarack threw down some coins and left, grinning and occasionally guffawing at the memory of his expression when she had slipped that ring on behind his back and he had suddenly found a bearded man-dwarf beneath him instead of his bonnie lass.  She figured he would forgive her eventually, maybe even laugh about it, but for now she was content to have him be angry.

"Gotta tell Taylar about this," she snorted.

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