3.08 Plaque

This White Dragon was slain in the Stygian Floes by Starr the gnome badger knight, Haudhlagh, Caelum of Lowmeadow, Hedwinn, Nervosh, and HräshHläng of Dachoen, brave adventurers and worldrunners.

Brísoe sos Sthaesighig Anau goech saus Saelchigh Sthigae bors Stháreth bós ghoedas thlesgnasnaulgighae gnorbrithae, Haudhlagh, Chaelagh boes Bolidlaenthith, Hedoenagh, Norbauschagh, ghe Chrásch-Chlaeng boes Dachoen, thleselghás loedhor ghe Gridhoeghehísás.

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