Tyrian tyrian

The grand mountain home of Ashaneron

The Twin Hells [#the-twin-hells]

Battlefield of an eternal war between Demons and Devils, occasional home to the dragon god The Twin Hells are composed of a pair of fiendish realms, the abyss home to demons, and the iron tower the realm of the devil court. Tusk

Ataras' Courts ataras-courts

Home to numerous deities including Valalique, Ataras, and Odenthor


A realm of clockwork wrought by the Athalish God Mechalus

Golour Golour

the realm of unending strife, home to Goloas

Undirdas undirdas

Endless tunnels home to the realms of various subterenean deities including the infinite webs of the drow goddess Shadowsilk

Nocturne nocturne

Home of the forsaken dead, Redoubt of Ludimar

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