Keltoi (Trinovantes)
Might x4 Agility x1 Connection x3 Intellect x3
Arcane x4 Divine x1 Natural x2 Psionic x5

Impotent/Infertile (Eunuch)
Material Casting (%5)
Journal Requirement (%10)

Racial exp modifiers
Keltoi (%5)
Pureblood (%10)

Research (-%10)
Faithful Soul (-%10)
Social Rank (Minor) free with pureblood

Purchases this level ittalicized
Divine Atunement (10) (Preferred spell list: Healing)
Divine Casting Rank 1 (25)
Divine Mana 40 (4X10 points)
Faith Rank 2 (30) +1 constant bonus
Location 1 (1 X 20)
Lore (Tactics) 2 (15 exp +2 lore points)
Weapon style Mastery (bow) Rank 2 (60)
Weapon style Mastery (single one handed) Rank 1 (20)
Weapon Proficiency (Bow) (5)
Weapon Proficiency (Sword) (5)
Profession (Investments) Rank 3 (Free Pureblood)
Profession (Herdsman) Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Handle Animal Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Tracking Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Chirurgery Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
230/250 skill points
Etiquette (Argea) 1 (free etiquette)

Loc 7 = 4 +2 (Pureblood) +1 Skill
Con 14 = 12 +2 (Pureblood)
Halo 40 (lvl 4)

Mana 70 (40 +20 free from faith ranks +10 racial)
Wealth 57-53=6 gp (February -50 steel short sword, -3 training)

Lore Points
Nov 2012=0 , December 2012=0, January 2013=2, February 2012=0
Ettiquete Points Nov 2012=0 Dex 2012=0 Jan 2013=1, February 2012=0

6 arrows
Healer's kit

Racial Advantages:
• Ancestral Spirit: Each Keltoi has an ancestral spirit which they can ask questions of. This costs twenty Halo and can be used as often as the character chooses, or until the ancestor gets annoyed. The spirit can only answer from its own knowledge.
• Clan Training: The Trinovantes are the farmers, healers and trackers of the Keltoi, they gain Profession Farmer or Herdsman Rank 3, Handle Animal Rank 3, Tracking Rank 3, and Chirurgery Rank 3.
Racial Disadvantages:
• Clan Restrictions: Trinovantes: As the healers of the Keltoi must always attempt to heal fallen Keltoi, even enemies, before healing others.
• Undead Slayers: Keltoi are almost always willing to die to destroy undead and must engage them.
• Magical Limitations: Non-Eceni Keltoi characters are only permitted to have one type of casting, cannot cast spells above Level nine, and are unable to learn Ritual Magic.

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