Keltoi (Trinovantes) (as of end of May 2014)
Archer Journeyman, Spellbow Journeyman
Might x4 Agility x1 Connection x3 Intellect x3
Arcane x4 Divine x1 Natural x2 Psionic x5

Melee: Steel Dagger 3, or Jade Dagger: 2 Bane Undead
Ranged: Bow with steel arrows 6/9 (through or rapid), May fire two arrows at once.
LOC: 11 = 4 +3(Pureblood) +4 Skill
PAC: 20 12 PAC +8 real armor bonus
Con 13 = 12 +3 (Pureblood) -2 eternal damage from resurrection
Halo 210 (lvl 21)

Mana 190 (130 +50 free from faith ranks +10 racial)

Flaws: Unchaste, Material Casting (%5), Journal Requirement (%10)
Racial exp modifiers: Keltoi (%5), Pureblood (%10)
Merits: Research (-%10): Faithful Soul (-%10), Social Rank (Minor) free with pureblood


Skill Rank/Purchases Formula Total points New This Level Notes
Divine Atunement Single =10XDiv 10 Preferred spell list: Healing
Divine Blow Single =10*Div 10
Divine Casting Rank 4 =25*Div*(1+2+3+4) 250
Divine Mana Multiple 13 =Div*10*13 130
Faith Rank 4+1 =10*Div*(1+2+3+4) 100 +1 constant bonus (Merit)
Heighten Senses Rank 2 =15*Nat*(1+2) 45
Location Multiple 4 =10*Nat*4 80
Lore Tactics Rank 4 =5*Int*(1+2+3) 30* *+ 8 lore points
Lore Weapon Casting Rank 3 =5*int*(2-3) 75* YES Rank 1 bought with 1 lore point, rank 2-3 bought with exp
Weapon style Mastery (bow) Rank 4+1 =20*Agi*(1+2+3+4) 200 +1 Constant bonus from Archer Journeyman
Weapon style Mastery (single small) Rank 1 =10*Agi*(1) 10
Weapon Proficiency (Bow) Single 5*Agi 5
Weapon Proficiency (Sword)
Weapon Proficiency (Dagger) Single 5*Agi 5
Divine Spell Access (Minor) Ranked 2 15*(1+2)*Div 45 Divine Armor, Retribution
Write Language (argead) Multiple 1 5 *1*Con 15

Profession (Investments) Rank 4 (Free Pureblood)
Profession (Herdsman) Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Handle Animal Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Tracking Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
Chirurgery Rank 3 (Free Keltoi)
1010/1050 skill points
Etiquette (Argea) 2 (free etiquette) *New*
Etiquette (Keltoi) 2 (free etiquette) *New*

EXP Points
As of beginning of the February 2014 weekend Patrick was bench marked as a level 17 character with 850 exp

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2014 50 50 50 50
Total 1050

Lore Points

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2012 X X X X X X X X
2013 2 2 2 2
2014 2 2
Total 12/12 spent

Etiquette Points

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2012 X X X X X X X X
2013 1 1 1 1
2014 1 1
Total 6/6 spent

Steel Shortsword
6 arrows
6 steel arrows
Jade Dagger
Steel Dagger
Healer's kit
7 sheep
Scale Mail Vest 25 gp value need tag

Racial Advantages:
• Ancestral Spirit: Each Keltoi has an ancestral spirit which they can ask questions of. This costs twenty Halo and can be used as often as the character chooses, or until the ancestor gets annoyed. The spirit can only answer from its own knowledge.
• Clan Training: The Trinovantes are the farmers, healers and trackers of the Keltoi, they gain Profession Farmer or Herdsman Rank 3, Handle Animal Rank 3, Tracking Rank 3, and Chirurgery Rank 3.
Racial Disadvantages:
• Clan Restrictions: Trinovantes: As the healers of the Keltoi must always attempt to heal fallen Keltoi, even enemies, before healing others.
• Undead Slayers: Keltoi are almost always willing to die to destroy undead and must engage them.
• Magical Limitations: Non-Eceni Keltoi characters are only permitted to have one type of casting, cannot cast spells above Level nine, and are unable to learn Ritual Magic.

Healing spells

1 Diagnose Lesser
1 Healthy Body
1 Inner Health
2 Minor Heal Location
2 Minor Heal Body
2 Minor Heal Constitution
3 Diagnose
3 Restore Sense
3 Inhabitant of Life
4 Remove Affliction
4 Major Heal Location
4 Mass Minor Heal Body
5 Regrow Limb
5 Major Heal Body
5 Major Heal Constitution*

Divine Armory Spells

1 Reinforced Skin Lesser
1 Acclimatize
1 <Overlaps with healing domain»
2 Lesser Mend
2 Reinforce Armor Lesser
2 Reinforce shield Lesser
3 resilience lesser
3 Spell Barrier Lesser
4 Imperviosness

Retribution Spells

1 Divine Shard
1 Divine Blow
1 Flash
2 Increase Burden
2 Intimidate
3 Flare
3 Divine missile
4 Reflecting Spell Barrier Lesser

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