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Character Background

Patrick is a secretive Keltoi purportedly of the Trinovanes clan. He was cursed at a young age by a cleric of an unknown god for the misdeeds of his parents in disrupting a gathering of dryads.

Details of the curse are known to few, (such as the one known as shuttlewood) but it rendered Patrick a eunuch. It also saw Patrick exiled from his village at the age of twelve and he survived only by the grace of Greymare for many years in the wilds or on the streets. From the ruin of his young life Patrick has become a self made man, parleying his modest earnings as a labourer into a respectable interest in many local businesses Patrick could likely retire comfortably were it not for a heavy weight on his heart.

At his darkest hour the spirit of greymare touched Patrick and guided him to prosperity, now that he has found a way in the world for himself he leaves his ledgers and pastures to study her word and bring her teachings far afield. Patrick has no direct connection to the church of Greymare preferring to chose his own path as a wandering spiritualist, over the politics of the temple. He is proving to be a valuable healer to the local community. In recent times Patrick says that Greymare whispers of a darkening of the world with this knowledge he has taken up arms and plans shortly to set out on his first forrey as a hired sword to hone himself into a weapon worthy of the service of Greymare in the dark times to come.

• How many members of your character’s family still live? Uncles, aunts and cousins with whom patrick has infrequent and terse contact.
• What relationship does your character have with his family? Grieves the loss of his mother at a young age. Fears what members of his clan may have in store for him if they learned of his whereabouts.
• What scares your character the most? His fiancee.
• What is your character’s idea of the perfect lover? One appointed by greymare, rather than a barbaric tradition.
• What is your character’s idea of a really fun time? Teaching children from the tome of greymare
• Is your character religious or superstitious?
• What’s your character’s greatest regret?
• What accomplishment gives your character the most pride? His first divine spell, a gift from greymare, untaught at age 13.
• What are your character’s goals? Learn to be a formidable cleric like his bother and/or warrior like his father.
• How old is your character? 23
• What kind of personality does your character have? Superficially outgoing and outspoken about the supreme worth of greymare as the sole salvation of geos.
• Was there anything unique about your character’s childhood?
• Where does your character live? Where does he call home? Where does he sleep? Where does he keep his treasures? Patrick rents a small house in Eastleigh where he does little more than sleep. When he needs extra funds he works as a hired hand at the local ranches. His only true item of value, his holy symbol never leaves his person.
• What does your character consider to be his biggest flaw?
• Do you consider your character to be a combat character, a caster, a thinking character or a social character?

Income and Expenses

Month Income Expenses
November 2012 8 4 gp Skill Purchases (WM Bow, Mana, faith)
December 2012 8 4 gp Skill Purchases (WP sword, LOC, Lore, Mana)
January 2013 8 +10 gold from A Joint Venture yet to be recieved +50 GP coupon -25 healing, 3 Skill Purchases
Balance due from system 48 gp

Games Played
November 11
November 18
December Tavern Game
January 27
February 10
February 17th Pay to Crew
March Tavern Game
March 30
April 13th Pay to Crew

Pureblood 100
Archer apprentice Level 25
125 boons total

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