Pasha 4

Race: Romani
Bloodline: Elan
Class: Spy
Age: 24
Merits: None
Character: Food Conscious
Medium: Phobia (undead)
Minor: Wanted Criminal (Minor)
Medium: Journal Writing (class)
Exp bonus %-15

Loc: 3
DAC: 4
Con: 10
Halo: 70
Mana: 10 [Divine]
Willpower: Rank 2 Defensive and Rank 2 Offensive

Skills 230/271
Psionic Attunement (Elan Bloodline)
Psionic Blow (Elan Bloodline)
Detect Psionics Rank 1 (Elan Bloodline)
Halo Regeneration Rank 2 (Elan Bloodline)
Weapon Proficiency knife (Romani Racial)
Style Mastery Single Small Rank 1 (Romani Racial)
DAC Rank 2 (Romani Racial)
Stealth Rank 2 (Romani Racial)
Pick Pockets Rank 2 (Romani Racial)
Disguise Persona Rank 1 (Romani Racial)
Profession (Con Artist) Rank 2 (Romani Racial)
Fair Escape (Romani Racial)
Ciphers and Codes Rank 3 (Class Ability)
Diplomacy (Class Ability)
Linguist (Class Ability)
Detect Persona Rank 1 (15)
Disguise Rank 3 (30 exp)
Heighten Senses Rank 1 (15 exp)
Escape Artist Rank 1 (20 Exp)
Minerean Rain Parasol (4gp)
Steel Dagger (31 gp)
Disguise Tool Kit Apprentice (8 gp)

Spells from []
1 Distract Distract
1 Frustrate Frustrate
2 Calm Calm
2 Intimidate Intimidate
3 Persuade Persuade
3 Drop Drop
4 Cause Fear Lesser Cause Fear Lesser
4 End Emotion

Psionic Casting (Egokinetics) Rank 2+1 constant 60 exp
Willpower Defensive Rank 2 (1 racial 1 bought) 30 exp
Willpower Offensive Rank 2 (1 racial 1 bought) 60 exp

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